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Cary/Kalinda Thread #1 - Sometimes you find friendship where you least expect it!

Welcome to the 1st
Appreciation Thread

Friendship list:

1. autumnღfairytale
2. Full Throttle
3. Eternal Flame
4. sLomo
5 cappie_lover99
5. LuHuntzberger
6. AlwaysHoldingOn
7. ln1
8. AllieCat60
9. snatches of sunshine

Reasons we like them:

- Because Cary doesn't like to talk to people he has something in common with
- Because Cary wants his reward
- Because Cary makes Kalinda smile.
- Because Cary could learn a few things from Kalinda
- 'Cause schools like his High School Kalinda used to vandalize in
- Because he is dangerously chipper
- Because they make a great team


'Reminds me of my old High School' -Cary
'Reminds me of the schools I used to vandalize' -Kalinda
1x03 Home

'You're chipper, aren't you?' -Kalinda
'Dangerously chipper' -Cary
1x06 Conjugal

'How much would you imagine we have in common?' -Kalinda
I don't like to talk to people I've a lot in common with!' -Cary
1x06 Conjugal

'Okay I have a proposition for you. Find this person and I tell you what ever you want' -Kalinda
[...] -Cary
'And more' -Kalinda
'Okay you just saved Clarence Wilcox life' -Cary
1x06 Conjugal

'Listen I lose track here. What about my reward?' -Cary
'What reward?' -Kalinda
'No, no, you know our little words. Just let me think up some really embarrassing questions!' -Cary
1x06 Conjugal

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