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Everybody Loves Raymond #2...Who else would call his wife Smelly Tramp?

[img]smilies/wave.gif[/img] Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Thread #2! There's nothing like Everybody Loves Raymond. It's in a class of its own, because it's never really about the plots, but about the characters. That is one dynamic that really sticks out and makes this show so much better than a lot of the stuff out there these days. Enjoy posting!

Episode Guide

Season 1
I Love You
I Wish I Were Gus
Standard Deviation
Look Don't Touch
Frank, the Writer
Your Place or Mine?
Win, Lose or Draw
Turkey or Fish
Captain Nemo
The Ball
Debra's Sick
Who's Handsome?
The Car
The Game
Recovering Pessimist
The Dog
Fascinatin' Debra
Why Are We Here?

Season 2
Ray's on TV
Father Knows Best
Working Late Again
The Children's Book
The Gift
High School
The Letter
All I Want for Christmas
Civil War
Mia Famiglia
Marie's Meatballs
The Checkbook
The Ride-Along
The Family Bed
Good Girls
Traffic School
Six Feet Under
The Garage Sale
The Wedding (1)
The Wedding (2)

Season 3
The Invasion
Driving Frank
The Sitter
Getting Even
The Visit
Halloween Candy
Moving Out
The Article
The Lone Barone
No Fat
The Apartment
The Toaster
Ping Pong
Pants On Fire
Robert's Date
Frank's Tribute
Cruising With Marie
Ray Home Alone
Big Shots
Move Over
The Getaway
Working Girl
Be Nice
Dancing With Debra
Robert Moves Back
How They Met

Season 4
Boob Job
The Can Opener
You Bet
Sex Talk
The Will
The Sister
Cousin Gerard
Debra's Workout
No Thanks
Left Back
The Christmas Picture
What's With Robert?
Bully on the Bus
Prodigal Son
Robert's Rodeo
The Tenth Anniversary
Debra Makes Something Good
Marie and Frank's New Friends
Alone Time
Someone's Cranky
Bad Moon Rising
Confronting the Attacker
Robert's Divorce

Season 5
Italy (1)
Italy (2)
The Wallpaper
Meant to Be
Pet Cemetery
The Author
The Walk to the Door
Young Girl
Fighting In-Laws
The Sneeze
Christmas Present
What Good Are You?
Super Bowl
Ray's Journal
Silent Partners
Stefania Arrives
Humm Vac
The Canister
Net Worth
Let's Fix Robert
Say Uncle
Frank Paints the House
Ally's Birth

Season 6
The Angry Family
No Roll!
Odd Man Out
Ray's Ring
Marie's Sculpture
Frank Goes Downstairs
Jealous Robert
It's Supposed To Be Fun
Older Women
The Kicker
Season's Greetings
Snow Day
Lucky Suit
The Skit
The Breakup Tape
Talk To Your Daughter
A Vote For Debra
Call Me Mom
Mother's Day
The Bigger Person
The First Time

Season 7
The Cult
Pet the Bunny
Who Am I?
Robert Needs Money
The Sigh
Annoying Kid
She's the One
Marie's Vision
The Thought That Counts
Grandpa Steals
Somebody Hates Raymond
Just a Formality
The Disciplinarian
Sweet Charity
Meeting the Parents
The Plan
Sleepover at Peggy's
Who's Next?
The Shower
Bachelor Party
Robert's Wedding

Season 8
Fun With Debra
Thank You Notes
Home From School
Misery Loves Company
The Contractor
Peter on the Couch
The Surprise Party
The Bird
Jazz Records
Debra at the Lodge
Whose Side Are You On?
Party Dress
The Ingrate
Crazy Chin
The Nice Talk
The Model
The Mentor
Debra Vacations

Ray's Nicknames for Debra

Slim Fast
Blubber Head
Fat Legs
Smelly Tramp
Huck a Poo
Banjo Pants
Lucky Pants
Krispy Creme
Miss Teen USA
Hot Mama
Ma' Lady
Snuggle Pants
Auntie Em
Bubble Wrap
Mrs. Holey Moley
Cheese Doodle
Baloney Bosoms
Miss Hippy Go Free Free
Hot Little Chuckle Monkey
Sweetie Pie
Skinny Girl
Puka Shell
Eight Maids a Milkin'
Tiny Dancer
Puddle Pants
Miss Smarty Pants
Sweet Sister
Darth Debra
Your Highness
Sister Girl
Pepper Squat
Crazy Broad
Hot Muscle Mama
Soda Pop
Thanksgiving Day Hooker
Jelly Cheeks

Raymond Poetry

From Bully on the Bus:

Debra, Debra lovely wife, why am I stuck with you for life.

Debra, Debra real good lookin', Never wanna try her cookin'.

From The Break Up Tape:

Debra's ears one on each side like a danty cup,
So gently they hold thine sunglasses up,
so round and nice with a subtle ridge,
there's no bone in there,
it's cartilage

(Also in this episode we get to hear a poem about Debra's many colored eyeball from her tenth grade boyfriend Chad.)

Brown as earth,
Giveth life to tree and brush;
Speckled green,
Like the breast of a thrush;
Yellow ringed as the sun on the web,
So many colors in thine eyes, my Deb

From Debra Makes Something Good:

(To the Tune of "Tell Me Something Good," by Chaka Khan.)

Debra made something good, wah wah wah wah
Raymond really likes it, yeah
You aint got to make nothing else but that Brajole, Wacka oggga ohhaooha
I could eat this stuff until I lose control, wacka ha wacka ha ha

From The Skit:

Robert actually made this ditty up for Marie and Franks dear friends Lee and Stan.

(To the tune of "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain")

Lee and Stan have been married 45 years...
Lee and Stan have been married 45 years...
Oh they like to play canasta and take walks around the mall
And why not it's marvelous exercise?!

(Later in the Episode Ray makes up a song about Robert to the same tune)

No one's gonna listen to Robert anymore
No one's gonna listen to Robert anymore
You we're wrong and we we're funny
And you can't stand it.....Honey
Did I mention that you're due back at the zoo!

From Ping Pong:

(Frank used to taunt Ray and Robert while playing Ping Pong with these little rhymes)

10 serving 3, You can't compete with me.

14 serving 1, You're really not my son.

0 serving 0, Ray can kiss my Rear-O.

1 serving zip, I see a quivering lower lip.

2 serving Nada, Im ashamed to be his Fada.

(When Ray decided to play with Ping Pong with Frank again he came up with a one of his own)

0 serving 6, You're fat and you smell.

Topic Starter

What was your favorite episode so far this season?

Mine was undoubtedly Homework. It was funny, clever and I enjoyed watching an episode that focused a little more on the kids. Ray's talk with his son was very touching. Runners up episodes would have to be Thank You Notes, Misery Loves Company, Liars, Slave, and Party Dress. It's been a great season so far though. It's really difficult to choose.


(Thanks to The Official ELR Site, Patricia Heaton Online and Everybody Loves Raymond, a fan site!)

Post away!

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