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Narcoleptics (Rory♥Dean) #7: Because she is the only woman for him.

Welcome to the 7th Narcoleptics (Rory&Dean) Thread!
Because she is the only woman for him.

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001. ~Phoenix~ (Emma)
002. SergeantPepper (Nia)
003. crashintoyou (Des)
004. Fer_92 (Fer)
005. autumn_hope (Rae)
006. ShallowxHeart
007. snowfalkes11
008. NateScottLover
009. Lisa2011
010. Ruby_Slippers
012. onetreehill1216
013. Anna-wa
014. xXxCaycexXx
015. Shnicky
016. {Melody}
017. michelle ling
018. B.Chambers
019. lakers0604
020. YoursToHold
021. Arwen's
022. Peyton Scott
023. melliee
024. alexis bledel the best
025. karevluvsstevens85

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The "Narcoleptics" shipper name
Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder where you fall asleep at inappropriate times, like when you're talking or eating. In Forgiveness and Stuff, Rory tells Lane that Lorelai calls Dean "Narcolepsy Boy" because Rory and Dean had fallen asleep at Miss Patty's after the Chilton Formal in Rory's Dance.

by crashintoyou

Because he noticed her
Because she showed him where the round cakes are
Because he liked Rosemary's baby
Because she dressed up for him
Because she cooked a home made meal for him
Because he gets her
Because he said I love you first
Because she told him she loved him in front of her school
Because they never stopped loving each other
Because she got Sookie to make his favourite cookies
Because he remembered their 3 month anniversary
Because she has always been The One for him

by she_rockstar

Future Thread Title Suggestions
Because nothing stands in the way of true love

Previous Threads
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