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Originally Posted by 'Tos (View Post)
I agree completely with this. Which is why I never thought that the ending to "Home" was ambiguous at all.
That is such a terrific point. I didn't either! Never once. I was reading other people commenting on what a cliffhanger Berlanti left us with and all I was thinking was, "Really? It's a dramatic way to end the season but Colin is going to die, his fate was written out as much, especially in the last couple episodes." I really felt this. Mike as Colin played this out so beautifully in the acting department and I'm not sure if that's even stated enough? His acting was absolutely incredible during the last several episodes of season 1. He perfectly showed us just as you said... Home was not ambiguous at all.

It was obvious where the story was going. And I'm not saying that to toot my own horn, hee, because I usually don't catch these things; this is a rare, rare instance where I knew. Colin made it so clear that he knew he was going to die. He wasn't saying goodbye to everyone just in case, he was saying goodbye because he really believed that they were going to be his last goodbyes. Oh, I can't wait to get to "Home".
Me too, and you are absolutely correct. Notice all the moments he had with everyone... that was not a coincidence. His moments with Bright, Amy, his father, even Andy and especially Ephram. They all conveyed the same thing... he knew he was leaving. I was especially moved by the moment he had with his father. That was touching and I believe it sort of paralleled Andy/Ephram in a way if you really think about it... Andy/Ephram were experiencing a sort of rebirth in their relationship while Colin and his father were essentially coming to an end together. So heartbreaking.

And agreed with the Harold/Amy paragraph too 100%. You have to show the strong bond before you break it and make it so heartbreaking. It's so hard to watch, but when you get moments like Amy's letter to Harold (for his birthday?), it's so well earned, because you remember that bond that the characters miss so much, and you miss it too. That letter is definitely a me turning into a puddle moment, hee.
Absolutely. And so cute that you can admit how emotional you got awe. It got me emotional, too, but that goes without saying, hee. I entirely agree how the letter is that much more significant given what we know about how these two feel about each other. Devastatingly beautiful is what that scene was. It's one of those scenes that cause you to cry since it's all about sadness yet you cheer at the same time because you feel their pain and love all rolled up into one together. As a result, it's so moving because all you do is FEEL these characters over and over again. It's like what your quote in your signature says... these characters come to life on the screen. They do. As a result, you cannot help but become completely transfixed which is why this show is separated from all the rest.
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