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Kate's 25,000 posts celebration thread

Art by Elizabeth_88

Art by Elizabeth_88

YAY! We finally reached 25,000 posts and our second Milestone in only 7 months!

On behalf of our amazing Moderators Jess and Val and Jor, I would like to thank all the Katers who have posted on the Kate Board for being such fantastic posters. We are so proud of us and this board. It’s was only 7 months ago that we got our board, but we have become incredibly close in the mean time.

Art by Peyton Scott

There were both ups and downs. We reached several goals... we became a permanent board, had more than 1500 posts in one week, reached 2k the week after that. Our lovely Jor decided to step down as a moderator but never stopped making us laugh as hard as we can. Never allowing us to bump the Kaleo thread to page 2. (Beware of the wrath of Jor). We got Val as a mod in return and she has been doing such an amazing job. Keep that up girl. Myra joined us and made us laugh and want to ravish Kate, Val made us cry, get angry and get postal with her, Lizie continued to be the sweetheart that she is, Jess never stopped being passionate about her Nikki and Zaccy and this very wonderful board… what more could a board ask for?

Art by *Fatima*

Art by Peyton Scott

Kate Winslet! Making women question their sexuality since 1997!

Art by Peyton Scott

Guess what? We’re not the only ones that love Kate! Other actors admire her too.

She was my best friend for seven months. We’d unload the stresses of the shoot to each other, vent to each other, watch out for each other. Kate was just the perfect person to work with because she was very much one of the guys, and it would have been much harder without her. We were partners.  Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate tamed the beast, tamed the ship, and all those able hands upon it. She set the tone.”  Billy Zane

She's wonderful to watch, unbelievable, because you sometimes don't know what she's doing when you're in the scene with her and then, you look at it later and she knows what's going to come off and how it's going to look. It's beautiful . – Jim Carrey

I also think Kate Winslet is one of the best actresses that ever lived, so I would be honoured to work with her. – Quentin Tarantino

Kate Winslet, her career is absolutely one I look up to, she's just fearless. – Katherine Heigl

I just love Kate. I think she is just so great and I’d really love to work with her. – Reese Witherspoon

I would steal Kate Winslet’s roles. All her roles. Don’t talk to me about it because she can do no wrong in my eyes. Not only is she the most amazing actress in the entire world, she’s nude in a lot of her films which shows she’s just fearless. Her choices are impeccable. She literally can do anything. If she can just give me two of her roles, I’d be happy." - Eva Mendes

Art by Peyton Scott

Special thanks to: Elizabeth_88, Peyton scott, for making such beautiful art and icons.

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