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I always wonder though, in A Mountain Town, they say its the first time they've been back to New York since her what about this episode? That's a fairly large continuity error, yes?
Well, it's possible that they didn't really do anything other than fly in for the unveiling ceremony and then fly back out for this one, so even though they were physically in the state of New York they weren't really there to revisit old haunts (bad choice of words probably) and that's what they meant in AMT. *shrugs* It works for me.

Man, this ep was so great I'm really having a hard time coming up with comments. I do know that the first time I watched it my jaw hit the freaking FLOOR at the reveal that Julia had been cheating on Andy. Ephram's reaction to the truth was so, so, so perfect and it absolutely shattered my heart.

Aw, seeing Nina and Delia head off to dress-shop puts me in mind of the recently-discovered deleted (from the script) scene of such.
Aw, what was the deleted scene? I think a Nina/Delia shopping scene would have been great.

Ugh, goopy Colin/Amy.
Blech. Absolutely. PDA = not my thing. Even if it's not technically public, it's on my TV so it's close enough. Them racing downstairs to jump on the couch like they had been there the entire time made me laugh though. Why not just make out on the couch, guys? Takes less time to make it look like you weren't up to anything when you hear the car door slam. Amateurs.
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