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Carmen Reyes Appreciation Thread #2: Darlton, give us the Carmen Reyes Show!

Carmen Reyes
#2 Appreciation Thread


1. BRoody
2. AEwiess
3. menz815
4. Lostcandy
5. Koh92
6. Habte
7. joy4jate
8. ||michelle||
9. brazilian_fan
10. Clarrie
11. discombobulate
12. Addison Montgomery
13. -Glena-
14. ella_jullian
15. findingmyselfLOST
16. iKi


"I have needs." [While covering the ears of her Jesus statue.]

"Maybe if you pray every day Jesus Christ will come down from heaven, take 200 pounds, and bring you a decent woman, and a new car...
[Phone rings]
Carmen Reyes: Oh! That must be Jesus! Hola? Momento! Yes, it is Jesus! He wants to know what color car you want! "

"Yes, it must be something you ate, because you eat basura, and you don't exercise."
[Hurley: I do exercise.]
"Falling down is not exercise! "

"Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"

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