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Owl City Appreciation #1 - "Everything is never as it seems."

Welcome to the Owl City
Appreciation Thread

Owl City is the name of a project formed in early 2007 consisting of one member,
Adam Young. Young started out making music in his parents' basement,
which he claims is a result of his insomnia.

Owl City found early popularity through its own MySpace profile, which has
received more than 5 million plays on tracks, such as "Hello Seattle". Young is
joined by Breanne Duren on several tracks; the most noted of which being
"The Saltwater Room." Relient K vocalist Matt Thiessen has also collaborated
with Owl City on several tracks.

Owl City's first two records were released while Young was unsigned.
In early 2009, Owl City was signed to record label Universal Republic with the help
of entertainment attorney Ken Abdo.


Of June (2007)

Swimming in Miami 4:55

Captains and Cruise Ships 3:22

Designer Skyline 3:29

Panda Bear 3:07

The Airway 3:23
Fuzzy Blue Lights 4:41
Hello Seattle 2:55
Maybe I'm Dreaming (2008)

On The Wing 5:05

Rainbow Veins 4:41

Super Honeymoon 3:20

The Saltwater Room 4:56

Early Birdie 4:16

Air Traffic 3:02

The Technicolor Phase 4:27

Sky Diver 2:45

Dear Vienna 3:58

I'll Meet You There 4:17

This Is The Future 2:53

West Coast Friendship 4:06

Ocean Eyes (2009)

Cave In 4:02

The Bird and the Worm 3:27

Hello Seattle 2:47

Umbrella Beach 3:51

The Saltwater Room 4:02

Dental Care 3:11

Meteor Shower 2:14

On the Wing 5:01

Fireflies 3:48

The Tip of the Iceberg 3:23

Vanilla Twilight 3:52

Tidal Wave 3:10


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2. own worst enemy
3. hann
4. sashanaa
5. spadiceous
6. rebeccacullen
7. breakingdawn_
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13. Katriin
14. Kelsi Nielsen
15. kate204
16. BRoody
17. loverdearest
18. missbecks
19. CristalBuddy

(Please ask to be added.)
"Because the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly."
~ Owl City

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