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This episode was good, especially in the beginning.

The opening scene was good, a nice change of pace from Damon just killing some random victims. Caroline was obviously scared, so Damon has his persuasion on her. It is an interesting aspect, I mean, I think he even has her being mean to Elena.

Which brings me to the fact that I officially do not like Damon! Ian plays him well, and part of his job at this point is to make me feel this way. I can't ship Elena/Damon when he admits to her he has a sercet agenda, or whatever, and no Damon, she doesn't like you, she doesn't want kiss you! I'd like to think she would've slapped him without the necklace on, but thank goodness for it anyway. Part of my Damon dislike is feeling more connected to Stefan and seeing his point of view. When he wants Damon to do better, to see a shred of humanity in him, so do I. When he gets mad or frustrated with Damon and has seemingly lost all hope, so have I.

I knew that the scene where Stefan and Elena make out in her bedroom would be a dream, and I think someone around here predicted Stefan's face would turn into Damon's, but the kiss was hot anyway. Unless I'm forgetting something, Stefan and Elena didn't have any major scenes, expect maybe the one towards the end, which I did love. "I'm fine, you're fine, that's all that matters." Although, not exactly orginal, it was sweet. And there was a hug! Yay. She was holding on to him for dear life, she knows something is up.

Speaking of, thank goodness for Bonnie, she really shone this episode. I love taking her discoveries with her, as she comes into her own gifts. And I am all about the Bonnie and Elena friendship! I've even shipped femslash from time to time, so who knows? But anyway, I like them.

I wasn't thinking I'd really like Jeremy and Vicki if she kept turning him down and he kept putting up with it, but I liked their scenes tonight and I think Vicki is starting to come around. These two have potential. I also like Matt, he is a good guy. But he is a secondary character, does he have any other storyline than Vicki being his sister and Elena being his ex?

Next week looks good, the promo was short, I didn't quite catch it? Damon said "How does it feel to be around people who killed Katherine?" all I thought were maybe they go to a dinner party, with other vampires. I don't know!
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