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I have a feeling this is a really unpopular opinion, but I really, really did not like Rev. Keyes "hope message" or whatever he called it. A minister, of all people, should not be telling his congregation that he saw a man crying out to God for answers and getting none. That just bugged me.

Haaaaated Mrs. Keyes. Geez lady, you think your ATTITUDE might be what's turning your husband off instead of your appearance? I felt sorry for Andy once I realized what had him so upset about them splitting up, but otherwise felt like sending Rev. Keyes a You're Better Off Without Her, Dude card.

It's already been covered, but the guys definitely would not have prank called Amy about Colin waking up. That was just cold. Love that Ephram was ready to kick ass though.

He was pretty dumb to kiss Amy, and it may have been childish of her to have whatsherface move into her seat, but I understand her not wanting Ephram to sit with her on the way home. She needed time to process what had happened and what it was going to mean for them.

Amy's daydream about Colin waking up was so realistic. Not realistic in the way that it could really happen outside of a soap opera, but realistic in that it's such a teenage girl thing to be dreaming about and planning out and all. And even though she "should" have been prepared for what really happened when he did wake up, I think the reality of it was just too much. She could no longer pretend that he was hearing everything she said and understood everything but just couldn't respond, she had to face the fact that she was a stranger to him. I think the fact that they had grown up together and had shared memories from their childhood probably made it that much harder too. Hubby and I grew up together, and there is something especially intimate about being able to say "Remember the time in fifth grade when...?" Amy's not going to have that with Colin anymore, and that's a hard thing to deal with.
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