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Originally Posted by Wynter (View Post)
Yes please, if it's not too much trouble!
Alright, I found some screencaps for you, taken from another site which also has the clip to download (it might be a bit different than the shorter one posted up by ABC on Youtube. I don't know because I haven't downloaded the clip.)

If you don't want to download the clip there, here's the short transcript of what was posted on Youtube:

Regis: Here it is, one question we're looking for the answer to: high end category, which of the following is not a high end brand of baby stroller? Okay?

Vanessa: Hmm.

Regis: Bugaboo. Schobly. Quinny. Stokke.

Vanessa: Well I can take a stab. (pauses with fingers on chin) Shall we just say... schobly? (she pronounces it skow-blee, which is just how he pronounced it before.)

Regis: Sho-bee?

Vanessa: Is that... show-blee?

Regis: Shah-blee? (He's leaning forward with a smile like he's clearly messing with her. Heh.)

Vanessa: Sha-blee? Shuh-blee? (She's kind of laughing now and the audiences starts chuckling too.)

Regis: Stah-blee?

Vanessa: That's what I need right now!

Regis: I never heard of it either! (He throws his hands up and she follows suit. The audience cheers.) Okay-

Vanessa: I guess... (That's gonna be her answer)

Regis: -But you going, you know what I gotta say, "Is that your final answer."

Vanessa: I know, I know. (She gives him a look. Regis laughs.) Lord, lord, lord. I would say... let's do B, final answer. Never heard of it, hopefully it's... (The answer is locked)

(Paused for dramatic tension. Of course.)

Vanessa: (Sounding a bit unsure, I think) It's not... it is not high end brand-

Regis: You just won $50,000!

(Vanessa looks surprised and cheers. The audience also cheers. She shakes his hand.)

Vanessa: Thank you! Oh my God!

Regis: Wow! What a way to end the show here!

Vanessa: Whew! (Pretends to wipe her forehead in relief)
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