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Tommy and Jude went to the Zoo today to look at the monkeys. When they suddenly felt out of the place. So they decided to go down to the amusement park where they rode the rollercoasters and played with laser guns.
But it started to rain and both ran home together. Once they saw the giraffes and lions had gone astray and were running wild, both Tommy and Jude decided to go to the other side of the park. Once the rain stopped they decided to watch a rainbow while the sky was clearing out.

After the fall season ended, Tommy asked Jude if she could go with him and visit his family living in Pictou. But his one he cousin came over and told him about a song he wrote when Karma entered. After Karma left Tommy at the studio she decided to start the new album on which Speed would produce.

It wasnt until everyone arrived that Karma had decided that she should act more like who everyone likes, Jude. Later Speed caught up and joined Chris Pinealong with Zachary Quinto because he thought they could all have lunch together. But something happened when they saw Zoe come home with Jamie. So all 5 hung out together at the amusement park. They rode on the back of a really amazing rollercoaster that was quick and exciting. After finishing the ride they took some funnel cake but they saved their dessert for later. After signing some autographs they took photos with fans.

Jude then kissed Tommy infront of Speed who later told Jenny Humphrey that he loved her. After this, they decide that they would go home. So once they left Speed and Jenny at the jewelry store where
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