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Now those are something I personally am looking forward to see in the show.

Thanks for the book info Meghan and Weena Those are interesting stuff and if they get highlighted in the show could pose more SL to them.

Jen - Anne Rice's vampires both have modern and classic vampire qualities. They are not affected or killed by crosses, garlic, wooden stakes. Though, they still do need coffins to sleep. Sunlight could kill them, too (the newbies) but ancient vampires and those who had drank blood from the ancient ones could go out in the sun. They also automatically feel "sleepy" when dawn is near and when they sleep, they become dead bodies. As for the appearance, they have pale skin, glass fingernails, luminous eyes. They don't feel any sexual urges as well and they are unable to make babies.

Oh girls, we can still talk about Twilight. It's a vampire movie/book as well. We just have to be careful not to cross the line of bashing. I trust that we can handle that. ;nod:
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