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Originally Posted by chasing starlight (View Post)
In VD, sunlight does kill Vampires unless they're wearing a special stone called lapis lazuli, it keeps them from burning up. In promo pics you can see both Stefan and Damon wearing lapis lazuli rings. Matching ones mind you.

Don't need caskets, since they can go out in the day. And they sleep in normal beds.

I'm trying to remember from the books if they're anything that can kill them, but not really. They aren't affected by crosses, garlic, sliver. I suppose stakes to the heart might do it. But from what I remember the only thing that really kills them is sunlight if they aren't wearing the lapis lazuli.
call me crazy but I think that decapitation could kill them but it would be very tricky to get close to one to cut there heads off so it probably does not happen that much
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