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Supernatural Mythology: A place to discuss the genre [TVD Franchise and others] and the mythology of the creatures of the shows

The Mythology of The Vampire Diaries
  • If they don't feed off human blood, they can't do cool tricks like mind control
  • A wooden stake through the heart will kill them.
  • They can live off animal blood
  • They can move really fast and jump really high
  • They can stand daylight if they wear a special ring
  • They can control what people think by staring in their eyes
  • If someone is wearing a special necklace (with vervain), they can't be glamored

The Mythology of Moonlight
  • They drink blood so they don't age
  • They sleep in a freezer
  • They can live on blood from a blood bank
  • Daylight weakens them and being exposed to the sun for too long can kill a vampire
  • Decapitation or fire will kill them
  • Garlic and crucifixes don't hurt them
  • Flight, Fight, Feed and Sex will turn a vampire
  • Stake through the heart paralyzes them as does silver
  • The sun makes them sick
  • They heal very fast
  • They have excellent hearing and smell
  • They get more powerful as they grow older

The Mythology of Anne Rice's Vampires
  • They are not affected by garlic, crosses or silver, and they cannot be killed with wooden stakes.
  • Human blood is preferred as it is more nutritious, but animal blood can also be drunk.
  • They do not age physically but their skin become very white.
  • Younger vampires can usually be killed by exposure to sunlight or fire. But thousand years vampires aren't mich affected.
  • Old ones can fly.
  • They can read minds of weaker vampires and mortals
  • They can move very quick. Old vampires can even move matter using thier minds.
  • They are very emotional.
  • They can become weak when they drank blood of a person who was dead for quite some time.

The Mythology of the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer
  • they glow in the sun, but sunlight doesn't hurt them
  • the good ones feed once in a while on animal blood
  • their skin is pale, feels cold and is hard as stone
  • they don't sleep
  • some vampires have special abilities (read minds, tell the future, control others emotions)
  • nothing can kill a vampire, except a vampire or a werewolf (new moon)
  • they can move quickly and are very strong
  • they have no fangs but their teeth are razor sharp and can eat thru metal
  • once they fall in love, its a permanent change for them. they're in love forever with that person
  • they can eat real food but would have to choke it up later
  • they have venom, which left to spread in your body, after being bitten, will turn you into a vampire after 3 days of pain
  • they don't age and all their body fluids are replaced by venom
  • they can change their eye color. if they're hungry or angry they have pitch black eyes. vampires that feed on animal blood have golden eyes. newborns and vamps that hunt humans have red eyes.

The Mythology of the "Black Dagger Brotherhood" series by J.R. Ward
  • The Brotherhood is a group of warrior vampires that is protecting the race from lessers. Lessers are the enemy. They hunt vampires and kill vampires. It's hard for the woman to make it through childbirth, so the childbirth rate is very low.
  • Vampire males and females can only drink blood from each other. Human blood won't sustain them. They only have to drink once a month, I think.
  • They can't stand daylight and they heal fast.

The Mythology of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and Angel
  • New vampires are born through siring. After the blood loss and drinking of a vampire's blood, they reawaken after an undetermined time (could be hours or even days) feeling disoriented, but acquire clarity usually after the first feeding
  • A wooden stake through the heart will kill them, as will decapitation, fire, and exposure to the sun
  • They have enhanced senses and supernatural strength
  • They usually sleep in coffins and/or dark places
  • They can look like humans, but in their vampire form their faces get deformed and demonic looking
  • There's a rare race of vampires called the "Turok-Han", the primordial ones. They're ferocious and animalistic, "the vampires that vampires fear". They have no rational thought. They're stronger and tougher to kill than the regular ones.

The Mythology of Blood Ties
  • Vampires die when they come in contact with sunlight
  • Once a vampire feeds from a lover, she eventually dies
  • Vampires are very territorial and don't want any other vampires hunting where they hunt
  • The vampire has immense strength and incredible speed that can, in the dark of the night, render him almost invisible. He can hear a heartbeat hundreds of yards away, smell prey through a brick wall and see through the inky darkness of the night.
  • He has strong powers of persuasion and can make people do things against their will
  • There is one thing that can strip a vampire of it's powers. It's a sundial that is placed on the hear. Don't know the name though. Anyone?

The Mythology of True Blood
  • When vampires live in groups they don't care about rules, but a vampire alone tries to keep his/her human side alive
  • The vampire stays hidden during the day
  • The older the vampire gets, the stronger they become
  • When a human drinks vampire blood, it will not turn that person, but the vampire they drank from can sense that person and will know when they are in danger
  • Vampire blood will heighten a humans senses and libido
  • The vampire has immense strength and incredible speed that can, in the dark of the night, render him almost invisible.
  • Silver makes a vampire weak and will eventually kill them
  • Vampires can enter Churches, be near Crosses
  • Vampires can be photographed.
  • Vampire cry blood tears

The Mythology of Vampires on Supernatural
  • They can go into sunlight as long as it's in-direct
  • A stake through the heart will kill them.
  • Only way to kill Vamps if to decapitate them
  • Deadmans blood weakens them
  • Vamps fangs don't pop out, another set of teeth come out
  • They can sleep in beds
  • They mostly travel in packs

*** big hugs to Yvonne (pinkpaisley) and the Moonlight Board for the wonderful OP!

We can discuss all the different mythologies we've come across in books, tv shows and movies here. Since I'm a vampire fan since Lestat, we can also differentiate VD from other vampire mythology.
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