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Yeah, it makes absolutely no sense, heh--only eight episodes previous, "Deer God", Andy remarks about how he remembers everything he ever read in college--but I think that they chose Andy to be a bad actor because of the in-joke factor with Treat Williams.
This is another example of the writers being so inconsistent!

I don't know, Ephram was pretty much acting like a "whack job" at that point, in my opinion. Sure, he was doing it because of Amy and he was frustrated and just wanted to be left alone, but he was so frickin' mean to Colin and unnecessarily dramatic. Use your quiet voice, Ephram, hee.

Ewwwwwwwwwww.....sticking up for Colin, huh 'Tos? Poor Colin? Poor Ephram! Bright knew what was going on. Ephram was summoned to sit at the lunch table and ride in the truck with a guy who can't stand him......a girl that he loves who makes believe that she doesn't know him.....and a guy who the girl that he loves....loves.
Bright knew where Ephram was coming from....I frankly couldn't understand why, from the very first episode, Ephram was labeled a nut job. His only crime was moving to that town and being used by Amy to get his father's services for Colin. What else did he do to deserve that abuse from Bright?
And frankly, Colin was so freaking pushy. Ephram said, "No" politely several times...Colin kept insisting to the point of having Ephram sit on his lap!
I don't blame Ephram for blowing his top!

Shipper war, "Tos! Bring it on!
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