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OK, I'm finally ready to come to terms with what happened here.

Courtney/Nate: That got boring fast, didn't it? I was very bored during their scenes and felt bad for thinking Nate was cute when it was finally revealed what a lying jerk he was. I really hope that Courtney can bounce back from this somehow.

The future aspect was great this week. I'm glad that I read the episode summary for AJFA because I would have still been lost on that one otherwise. It was interesting that Grace was the subject of study as opposed to Bobby this week, but it also tied in very well with the storyline, which was very cool.

Bobby's I totally understand Bobby's desperation to get the truth about his father, because my father went through the same thing with my grandma around the time he was going to marry my mom. I think Bobby deserves to know about the other half of his ancestry, but he shouldn't have resorted to breaking into Grace's stuff to get the information. I'm really proud of Grace for even deciding to tell him we'll never know.
The presentation itself didn't really have to be that elaborate, Bobby.

Jack/Katie: ADORABLE! It was very sweet that they decided to take the time to get to know each other better. The lightest parts of the whole episode came from them.

Tom&Grace, on the other hand, were just downright depressing. They both looked so drained by the end of this that I felt it. I still can't believe they broke up, but we've been discussing this whole situation at length at the T/G thread, so I'm just waiting to see the aftermath of this whole thing.
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