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Kate & Cate: Because the similarities they share can go on and on...

Kate and Cate Thread#1

1. *PassionateJ*
2. Jojo
3. Peyton Scott
4. courtneybangelcakes


1. Because they have the same name but just a different first letter.
2. They are this generations best English actresses.
3. Both are Academy Award Winners.
4. Both played love interests with Leo.
5. Have been friends for many years.
6. Both rocked the same color dress at the same event.
7. Because they are hot blond bomb shells.
8. Because they have been in multiple photo shoots together.
9. Because they need to do a film together soon!
10. Because both define elegance and class.
11. Because both are great mothers.

Photo Shoots Together


Only in L.A. - @ Studio City Farmer's Market enjoying gourmet tamales with Zac Efron & Leonardo DiCaprio.
Very cool & approachable guys. [8/29/10]

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