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Originally Posted by Subject
Anyone else want to jump Nate? You can join Ken, Marcus, Jack, and myself later. We'll be waiting for him outside his room. The boy is going down. How could he do that to Courtney? I mean, it's just so I can't even... It just makes my blood boil! charge.. I know that he tried to kill his own mother once...
Oh yeah ... I'm with you on this Mike.

Wow ... what an episode! The final scene with Tom/Grace - WOW! They looked just so sad, and it was just very emotional. I hope it's not the end ... but it felt like it.

Kate/Jack - right on! Jack did his sleuthing well ... and Kate "your the sweetest guy I know" ... I'm glad Jack found a girl like Kate ... who I can tolerate ... unlike Missy ... who I hope is gone now.

Doogie Howser this week ... Winnie Cooper last week ... WOW! Retro much?!

Can't believe we have to wait for the next episode for a while ...

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