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The Episode Ex File may be the only time Colonel Mann Jenny and one of Jethro's ex wives and jethro all in one scene together . As Tony and ziva watched on in awe .

Colonel mann asks jenny point blank if Jenny ever slept with Jethro, well she asked jenn if she had a romance and Jenny lied . The whole episode Jenny was having a blast .Watching as Jethro had to deal with all these woman he had romances with .

I would love to find a screen shot of that if not ill get the DVD and make my own .

found a great clip it says it all

NCIS episode #97 Season 5 Episode 3 "Ex-File" October 9, 2007
Two women find a dead Marine Captain on an Army base, one of whom is his wife, the other is Gibbs' third ex-wife. As Special Agent Gibbs and Lt. Colonel Mann conduct a joint investigation between NCIS and the Army into the murder, a DIA agent is sent to overlook Abby's handling of the Captain's laptop, which contains highly classified information. Gibbs becomes uncomfortable when he is forced into a confrontation amongst his ex-wife, Colonel Mann, and Director Shepard.
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