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Question chapters 1-10

1. What illness Shiloh had as kid?

2. Who was Matt's soul mate?

3. How old was Shiloh in Matt's death dream?

4. Liam was a _______ officer.
a. security
b. stripper
c. police

5. Why is Matt worried about Shiloh?

6. What is the baby's name if the baby is a girl?

7. Who was Shiloh dating in her Junior year and the beginning of her Senior year?

8. Why did Shiloh and Matt got married?

9. What was Morgan's warning to Matt and Shiloh about Shiloh's parents?

10. Where was Liam shot at before he died?

11. True or False: Shiloh's full name is?
Hint: before she was married.
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