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Chapter Eight: In the hospital.... Matt's story

Liam and I were watching a mob boss and his crew in the alley. We were talking about out wives and Jonathon. He looked happy to me. We had to be serious about this. We were dealing with shady characters. Then someone started shooting at us. I didn't know who was hit or what. I felt a sharp pain in me. I didn't know what was going on. Then I saw Shiloh walking up to me. "Hey do want candy Matt?" she asked me, it felt like I was six again with Shiloh. "But Shiloh what the cancer?" She looked at me.

"I'm not worried about cancer just living my life the best I can live it."

"Shiloh!" Then the years changed on Shiloh's face. I was looking at her when we were thirteen.

"Matt! Stop picking on me!" I remember this day I got on her nerves.

"Sorry Shiloh."

"Go away Matt, you just got on my last nerve!"

Then I felt nothing after, just voices and loud noises in the background. I heard one voice two officers down, get a paramedic now. I can feel my heart stop and no breath in me. Just nothing. I didn't know Liam was shot too. I didn't know if he was dead or alive.

Later I woke up with Shiloh sleeping in the chair next to me. I stared at her for awhile. I made her worry about me. Then I felt around my stomach area. I had a patch on it. Shiloh woke up, she got up and walked towards the bed. "Hey honey, how are you feeling?" she asked me, then she began to cry. "What's wrong Shiloh tell me?" She looked at me with a tear running down her cheek. "It's Liam, he's gone." She told me, she was still crying, "I though I've lost you forever Matt. They said you died at the scene, but came back and died again." I hugged her, "I'm not dead, I lived for you." I reinsured her, "Liam is dead, where they hit him." Shiloh smiled with a tear running down her cheek.

"In the chest wall. There was nothing they could do for him."


"He lost alot of blood and he didn't have a pulse on him."

"What about Marcie and Jonathon?"

"Making funneral arrangements for him."

"Oh Shiloh, I love you."

"I love you too Matt."

"Once I get better, do you want a baby still?"

"Yeah I do Matt."

"Okay." I kissed her lips.

Liam died with me too. But I came back to Shiloh. Maybe I heard her voice too, telling me don't leave her not yet. I looked up in her green eyes. I can tell she was fertile and ready for a child, but it was going to wait for awhile.

After a week in the hospital and going to a funneral. I watched Marcie and Jonathon cry for Liam. He was good husband and father to them. He was going to be missed in our neigbhorhood. I was going to miss my parter. Shiloh was holding my hand and I was doing the same for her. When we got bach, she fixed my patch. I went to bed, Shiloh was going to make supper for us to eat on. I felt bad for Marcie and Jonathon now. Shiloh was coming in with my warm meal. She played nurse to me like she did as a child. I did that to her too. It was going to be long painful road ahead for me. I'm glad I have Shiloh here for me.
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