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Chapter Seven: On a High Note....

Shiloh was working in the kitchen, when I came in for supper. She was making something good to eat. I wonder about her sometimes. "Matt." I can tell that she wasn't happy, "did you talk to your father? He wrote a letter about you need to come back to California." I nodded at her, she looked at me for a minute or two. "Why would he want me back with him? I hate though of my father now." She sat on the stool besides her.

"Well you know how he is, just write him back about it."

"Okay Shiloh, I love you kid and your brain sometimes."

"Yeah I know you do."

"My father thinks that I shouldn't be with you."

"That's him not you. Matt that was the first thing why I fell in love with you. You didn't care what your father thought about me.

"You gave me grace and love." I walked over and kissed her, "That's kind of hard to find in a girl."



"I really love you Matthew Grey."

"I really love you Shiloh Ward-Grey." I hugged her too.

Next week went by fast, it's was going to be Shiloh's eighteenth birthday. Finally I get something what we were talking about for weeks. I think she wanted to she became mature for her body to handle intercourse with me. Liam and Marcie came over with Jonathon. We were having a blast too. After Marcie and Shiloh left to go to girl stuff. Liam, Jonathon, and I decided to sing in a high note for Happy Birthday to you for Shiloh. After so many hours of practicing, Shiloh and Marcie came back, and we started to sing in a high note. Shiloh just smiled and laughed at us for it. Later the birthday party was over for us. I saw Shiloh climb in bed, she had a long day. I guess I should tell her about what I though about kids around the house. "Shiloh, I want kids now." She looked up at me, "I'm serious." I walked over to the bed. She wasn't smiling, "Matt I got my period, can you wait for me next week." I nodded at her, "Yes, I'll wait for you to get done with your 'womenly time' dear." She layed down on the bed. "But you can touch me here" She grabbed my arm and took it down her shirt. I felt something soft and smooth on my hand. Shiloh's breast were soft and smooth to touch. I always want to touch them since the third grade. I heard little moans from her mouth. "It's going to a long week ahead for me. I have to go to the bathroom." I hurried out of her shirt and went to the bathroom. Shiloh wondered about me for an hour and a half. She went to bed by I came out of the bathroom.

In the morning, I was getting ready for work. Then Shiloh walked into the kitchen. "Matthew, can I ask you something?" She asked me about bathroom accident, "Did you play with something else beside my boob yesterday?" I glowed red at her.

"Yes why?"

"It figures why you were taking so long in the bathroom."

"Honey it's a man's job to lose manhood juice after he feels sexed up with his wife."

"Why do you mean 'sexed up'?

"Ah well you were making me horny for you again."

"Oh that feeling."

"Yes that feeling."

"Women can get that way too."

"Yeah I figured you were somewhat horny yesterday."

"Well now we know." She kissed me. I kissed her back for a long time.

"I'll make some supper when you come home to me."


I left for work in a hurry. Shiloh and I promised that we will have sexual intercourse next week. I promised her children to love and cherish. I was thinking that I'm going to be a great father better than mines.
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