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Chapter Six: Hot and Sexy

Summer was heating up as normal in Mississippi. I was playing catch with Jonathon. It was weird for us to play in this kind of weather. Shiloh was busy making her 'Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream' for us to eat later on. "How's Shiloh doing?" Jonathon asked me, "I figured she would be wearing a something sexy for you in this heat. It's driving me crazy." I threw the ball to him, "She's making some homemade ice cream for later. I'm sure she invited you and your parents over for it." I told him as I caught the ball between my hands, Then I threw it back to him, "She rarely does this in the heat." Jonathon figured we should stop throwing the ball around for today. It was too damn hot today. I went back to the house, Shiloh was in the bathroom taking a cold shower. I could smell the vanilla or the lilac soap. Finally we were settled in to our new home.

Shiloh got some drinks out for Liam and Marcie. "Shiloh, how are feeling dear." Marcie asked her. Shiloh looked at Marcie with her beautiful green eyes, "Fine never better." Shiloh replied to Marcie, "Just hot for me to handle." Liam stood in the corner looking at his wife. "This heat gets to everyone." He told us, "I have some good news to tell you guys." Shiloh nodded, "Like what Liam." she asked him.

"Well I was thinking about having Jonathon and Matt helping me with police work in the fall."

"Really!" she ran over to hug Liam.

"Yes, especially with Matt around."

"Liam you're best for us to have around here."

"True." Shiloh detached herself off of Liam.

"Well, I'm getting more money in with the office than." I told her.

"Well we need more money now. Since I'm been thinking of having a baby soon." My face went red.

"A baby, Shiloh why now?"

"Well it's time to think about it, you promised once we settled in Mississippi, we have sex."


"Matt, do you think it's time to have children?"

"Maybe?" I shuddered the thought of children in my head. It would be nice to see another Shiloh walking around here.

"Okay then we'll think about it then."

Liam and Marcie looked at each other. They left as soon as possible. Shiloh was laying in bed, reading a book. I went to lay besides her. "I think it's time to have children too, but we have think about it too." I told her, "Kids cost alot of money now." She looked at me, "Yes I know, d*mn it." She looked down at her belly, "I wish I can be a mother too."

"Yeah I know you do."

"Matt, let's do it one time with protection say in couple of weeks."

"Okay Shiloh!"

She went to bed, I stayed up with the tv on thinking about children. Maybe it's good timing or not so much good timing. I only hope it's for the good of things to come.
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