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Chapter Five: Home Sweet Home...

Shiloh woke up before I did, she got the mail and saw a letter from her sister Morgan. She sat down to read it.

Dear Shiloh and Matthew,
I can't believe you guys ran away just to get married. Our parents are freaking out about this. I told them that you are an adult now. They calm down afterwards. Please tell me you are okay and Matthew. Frankly, I wouldn't care if you guys are in Mississippi. Be glad now. I'll write more later.
Love your sister,
Morgan Ward

After she read the letter, she got some notebook paper. I woke up to her writing to her sister. "Hey Morgan found out what happened." She told me, "I guess she wasn't the only ones who knew about us getting married. My parents were freaking out about this. Morgan told them to calm down. Since I'm an adult now, this was my choice." I nodded at her, "I guess my mom would freak too if I got married to you." I sat down on the chair besides her, "Besides let's be happy now." I went to get my shower and went to work with Mr. Nelson and Jonathon. Shiloh wrote back to her sister.

Dear Morgan,
I'm okay. Matt's okay too. We're been working for hours just to pay the bills. Mississippi is okay, it's hot today. Thanks for telling me and Matt that our parents were freaking out about the marriage. Can you mail some of my stuff out of my bedroom at mom's and dad's place sometime. Thanks for writing sis.
Shiloh Ward-Grey

When I came home, Shiloh wasn't there. She was at work. I have sometime to myself for lunch. I wouldn't blame her for not coming home for lunch. She was too busy for the day. I'm going to miss this girl for a couple of hours. Shiloh wasn't much of talker. It feels like she was missing in my life. I want back to work.

A month later....

I was talking to Shiloh in the kitchen, She and Marcie were going to the store to get some food for us and her family. Marcie became a part of the family and we did with her family. Shiloh was the daughter she never had, because she had a son instead of a daughter. I was watching out in the window. Then I saw Shiloh do something I though she wouldn't do. She baked a cake for me. Shiloh wasn't a good cook, she was just learning how to cook from Marcie. After a month being here, I kind of like living her Mississippi now. I can't wait for the next couple of weeks to come.
Shai and Daren
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