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Chapter Four: Mississippi Queen....

By afternoon, we were in Mississippi. Shiloh was holding my hand while I was driving. So much has changed since Hurricane Katrina in '05. I was getting ready for school, and I was taking Shiloh with me in my new car. I promised her I would take her in my new car. "Matt, do you think these people will recover after Katrina?" Shiloh's voice was low, "I wouldn't if my home and my pride of living changed after a 24 hour period." I smiled at her, "Shiloh love, your world was changed when you found out you had cancer. Now since you are better I hope you are better, you have nothing to worry about anymore." She smiled at me and hugged me, I could smell her Lilac perfume on her. "I know Matt?" she layed her hand on mines. I smiled at her, "I know too Shiloh." Shiloh wasn't much of a girly girl type. I wasn't much of her friend before we met in the first grade.

We drove for another five hours, until we saw this house on the corner of the street. Shiloh fell in love with it. She smiled at me and she begged for it. I went to the guy who owned it before we did, he sold it to us, and Shiloh was happy for a new house. After we moved in to the house, Shiloh got some things from Goodwill in Texas awhile back. Then I got some camping chairs and an air mattress from Wal-mart. It was some like home to us. It was going to be while before we had more money coming in. Shiloh was going to look for a job for her. She didn't care what job she wanted as long as she had money coming in for us live on.

I was sitting on the camping chair, Shiloh walked in with a radio she found while cleaning out the closet. "Let's listen to music, it's going to be awhile before we get a Television Matt." she told me. I put my hand on her leg. "True honey." I kissed her forehead with my wet lips.

"Let's dance too." She pulled me up from the chair.

"Okay Shiloh." I took her hips and hand unto mines. "Follow me and dance."

"Okay Matt."

"Shiloh I love you!"

"Matthew I love you too!"

We danced until it was sunset. I felt my heart beating with her heart. I knew she was mines. Shiloh Ward-Grey was my soul mate.

In the morning, Shiloh went clothes shopping while I was working on the plumming in the bathroom. We needed clothes for us to last. I was looking to pipe it was cracked, I got some pipe glue. I put it on the pipe. Then I heard the door open, it was our new neighbors. There was a woman and two men. The younger one looked to be my age. I walked out all dirty for them to see. "Hello!" she said in a high pitch voice, "we are the Nelson's, and we brought you some food to eat." I nodded at her, "Thanks." I told her, "I'm Matthew Grey and my wife Shiloh isn't here, she is off shopping for us." The woman looked at me for a while, "I'm Marcie, this is my husband Liam, and our son Jonathon." she told me, "You are about my son's age along with your wife."

"Yes got married out of high school."

"Soul mates thing, that how it was with me and my husband. You just know who you are meant to be with."

"Yeah, I knew with Shiloh for a long time."

"Jonathon go to the house and get something for Shiloh and Matthew."

"Yes Mom." Jonathon told his mother and he left the house to his house.

"Jonathon is my only one." she told me, " I wouldn't see the day he finds someone to love."

"Oh I don't got any kids yet."

"It's going to be awhile for you guys to have children of your own."

"Yeah I know."

Jonathon can back to the house. "Ahh here you go. it was my mother's tray." she told me, "I never had any daughter of my own. I hope Shiloh will enjoy it." I looked at her, "She will, this is my wife you're talking about." I layed the tray on the table, "Shiloh will love this." Marcie left with her family before Shiloh can home with food and clothes. It was a long day for us. Shiloh found the tray that Marcie gave her on the table. She loved it. The next day, she went to Marcie's and told her thank you with the tray. Shiloh and I are going to love our new life as a married couple.
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