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Chapter Three: Home or Away

I just got out of the shower, when Shiloh came in with breakfast. "Do you want breakfast Matt?" she asked me kindly, "It's from the hotel, I got eggs, toast, and bacon on the tray." I walked up to her, "It's smells good enough for me." I kissed her forehead, "It's smell like meal well enough to eat." She sat the tray down with our food and plates. "I have to get the juice for us. Be right back soon." She told me as she left the room on juice run. I got breakfast ready for us to eat. I got dressed so I wouldn't look like I just come out of the shower. Shiloh came back with juice. "Breakfast is ready to eat now." I went to sit down on the chair, I began to eat when Shiloh looked at mess I was making for her to clean up. "Matt Can I ask you something?" she asked me, "I want to run away from home. I don't want to come back to that place married, my mother and your mother will freak out about us getting married." I looked at her and touched her soft chin, "I don't think our parents would freak out about us getting married." She smiled at me, then she kissed me.

We got into the car after breakfast was done, Shiloh was looking at the window. She was smiling at me too. I wasn't going to let this girl go. "Shiloh what about Mississippi?" I asked her about moving to Mississippi, "Do you want to be in Mississippi?" She looked at me, "Yeah it's okay to go to Mississippi." She told me, she fell asleep.

It was thirteen hours later, we had to pull over to rest at another hotel. Shiloh grabbed our stuff out of the car, she went in with me to get a room. After we got into our room, Shiloh was putting our stuff in the dresser near the bed. I was getting ready to watch some televison on the flat screen tv. Shiloh, with heart in it, was making us some iced tea. She was busy girl for a hour and a half with the iced tea. I grabbed my cellphone and called a pizza shop nearby the hotel and order some pizza for me and Shiloh to eat. I was sitting on the bed waiting for Shiloh to be done with the tea. She came out and she sat on the bed with me. Shiloh's head was on my shoulder, "Well kid, I never seen you so happy in your life." I patted her curly head of brown hair. She looked at me for awhile and smiled, "Yeah I've been happy girl lately. When is the pizza coming?" She asked me. I looked at her, "Here in 30 minutes." She layed down on the bed and nodded at me. "Well what are going to do for 30 minutes with tv on and the tea cooling." she wanted something from me. "I though I waiting going to be the first to say that."


"Easy for you to say."

"Oh Matt!" she jumped me kissing my neck. "We're married now. Give a little Matt." I just nodded at her. "How about when we are in Mississippi?" I told her, "It's not the time or the place having sex at Shiloh." She jumpped off of me. "Okay we can wait until we get into Mississippi." I looked at her and kissed her cheek.

After supper was over, Shiloh headed in the shower and get ready for bed. I was in bed reading the room service chart. When Shiloh came out, I asked her if she wanted any room service. She shook her head yes she wanted room service. After everything was done, it was time for bed. We have along way tomorrow get to Mississippi.
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