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Chapter Two: Graduation and Wedding

I was going to Shiloh's place. It was Graduation. Finally, we are going to be in the 'real world' with our friends. I was going to UCLA, and Shiloh was going to Berkley. I was going to be separted from Shiloh. I had a plan. I, Matthew Joshua Grey, was going to marry Shiloh Mercy Ward tonight. I loved this girl. I wanted her body. I wasn't going to college, not was she going to college. Shiloh hated the idea of getting married so young.

When I got there, she was waiting for me. I knew she was happy that high school was over. She kissed me. "Let's get married Matt, I don't care about what our parents would think." She told me, "I want to be your soul mate." I though this girl was crazy. Maybe she wanted to with me. "Alright, let's get married after graduation." We drove off to the high school.

After graduation, we went to the car in silence. I hurried and put my key and drove off with Shiloh in the car.

We were out of state by dawn, Shiloh was sleeping with seat down for her comfect with my jacket on her body. I wouldn't awake her. We found a chapel. Then we got married together. Now she was Shiloh Mercy Ward-Grey. Shiloh wanted to stay at a hotel for overnight. I wouldn't blame her if the seat was uncomfectable. Shiloh and I wouldn't make love yet. I wasn't sure she was ready for me to touch her body sexuality. Shiloh's body was different from mines. Her body was warm and sexy. We checked in to hotel room. She fell asleep in the warm bed in front of her. In morning we will this hotel and go home.

Shiloh got up before me, she went to get a shower. Then I got up, I heard the shower going from Shiloh. She walked out with the same clothes she had on from yesterday. "Hey sweetie, " I asked her, "would you get my clothes off the chair, I slept in my boxer for you." She just looked at me, "Yeah I wouldn't know that Matt, I was tired and I fell asleep before you did, so get out of bed sexy." I laughed at her, "Yeah you and what army?"

"Morgan and me drawing a beard on your face."


"Yeah really Matt." I grabbed her and put onto the bed with me, "Matt I love you." She smiled at me. I wouldn't let that pass her. I kissed her, "Yeah I love too kid." I got up and when to get a shower. I took my boxer off in front of her. "Nice A** Matt." I laughed again with her humor.
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