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In These Shoes

In These Shoes
By: Edward_Bella1988

In These Shoes starts in 1995 when Matthew and Shiloh met. Shiloh was a sick child, and Matthew loved her just not for her illness. As the years go by Matthew and Shiloh grew to love each other.

PG for the first half of the story then it's PG-13. Language and Sexual Themes


Prologue: Whispers of a voice...

I wasn't much of a talker like Shiloh was in the first grade. Shil wasn't much there or the years to come. She was a sick child. My mother and her mother always talked about her future and what was going to happen to her. I, Matthew Grey, promise to take care of Shiloh Ward for the rest of her life. I knew she going to get better before she graduated high school. I'm twenty-three now, Shiloh is twenty-two. I alway thought of her as a best friend or a girlfriend in later years. Shiloh with her long curly brown hair and green eyes made my day. I'm going to tell you about our love story.

Let's go back to 1995 to first grade.

Chapter One: Shiloh Ward

I was sitting on the brench because I pushed Mark James in the pole of the monkey bars for picking on this curly haired girl. Then I saw her, those curls and green eyes staring at me. "Thank you Matthew," She told me, "I think Mark got what he needed." I took her hand, "Shiloh, I'm on a ten minute time out for that. I was protecting you." I told Shiloh, "I wish no one would pick on you for being sick." She sat on the brench with me. I would smell her purfume. I smelled of Lilac on her.
"Matthew I wouldn't care about them picking on me."

"Shil, I love your sense of knowing about things." She hugged me.

"I know Matthew." She left me thinking about her.

Two grades later...

It was Valentine's Day, I had to get Shiloh something for Valentine's Day. I wonder if will like a teddy bear or a beautiful necklace. Shiloh Ward was smart girl for her age. That what made her different for the other girls in our grade. Then I saw coming towards me. I'm starting to notice she was going through puberty. She was getting her "boobies" how she said it. She wasn't nearly as sick as she was in the first grade. Shiloh was getting health for me. "Matt!," she shouted at me, "Hey do want to come to my place with me. Your mother is over there with mama talking." I smiled at her. "Yeah I wanted to know you want for Valentine's Day Shil." My blonde messy hair was making me nervous for her to notice.

"Nothing really." She told me. That was a bust for Valentine's Day.

"Shiloh Ward would be my soul mate." I shouted out at her. Nothing like that brown curly girl telling me yes she would be my soul mate. She was looking at me like a piece of meat. "Why Matt? It took you three years to say that about me." She told me. Shiloh was right about me waiting for three years to ask her to be my soul mate. "Yes I would be your soul mate." I knew this going to be a love story I would remember until this very day.

We walked up to Shiloh's house where her sister Morgan was watching as. Morgan was three years older than Shiloh. "Shiloh mom wants you." Morgan told her. Shil looked at Morgan. "I'm not in trouble Morgan. She just wants me to talk about today in school." Morgan was different from Shiloh. She was alot like their father, Shiloh was like their mother. I didn't really care about Morgan. I thought Morgan was funny for a eleven year old girl. Later I left with my mother with me. "Mom Shiloh is going to be my soul mate." I told her, "Because I love her." She looked at me, "Good for you Matthew, Shiloh needs you and Morgan to protect her. I guess you are her soul mate too." My mother was right.

Seventh Grade...
I was standing at my locker waiting for Shiloh. She wasn't normal late for class. Then I saw her coming down to my locker. "Matt I have to go to the nurse, It's personal issue for me." She told me, "Can you tell Mrs. Mason that I'm going to be little later today." I looked at her, "Is your sickness back?" I wondered about her.

"No I got my first period today in fifth period." I looked at her with gross face.

"Shiloh thanks for telling me about that. Yes I would tell Mrs. Mason about you being little late for class." I saw she going down the hall to the nurse's office. I wasn't going to tell her about me and Mark fighting in gym about her again. I was starting to fall in love with Shiloh Ward.

Senior Year....
Shiloh was standing there with Mark. I didn't want her to be with him. I always hated Mark. They were arguing and he broke up with her. Shiloh was sad for a couple of days. She came to my house to ask me about our Senior Science project. I looked at her and She looked at me. I just wanted to kiss Shiloh's lips. She beat me to the punch. I felt her lips on mines. Her kissing me felt so good in my life. "Shiloh stop!" I told her in her mouth. "What?" She told me. Shiloh smiled at me. I just looked at her back, "Just kiss me again." She kissed me again. This kiss was longer than the other kiss. I was enjoying it. I love Shiloh Ward. I guess she love me too for years. She became my soul mate.

I was going to like this year for some reason.
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