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Sophies Thread #28 ~ I’m never giving up, 'cause I know we got a once in a lifetime love! ღ

Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger Appreciation Thread

by Eternal Flame

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#1 - Because their cute meet left us squealing!
#2 - Because we think he's going to be an excellent boyfriend #3 - Because he *is* an excellent boyfriend
#4 - Because our smut has reached a whole new level! #5 - Because once you go Sophie smut there's no going back! #6 - 'Cause they'll get what they want! Each other! #7 - He'll say hi to William and Harry for her #8 - Because she'll save her Harlequin romance face just for him! #9 - No matter what, She's still proud of her boy! #10 - Together They'll find their way trough the maze called life! #11 ~ Because all paths lead to them! #12 ~ Because Grandmothers do know what's best! #13 ~We know that marriage and babies are on the way! #14 ~In the end their path is the same...#15 ~ The Rocket stayed out of the box, and in her heart! #16 ~ They may be apart, but together they belong! #17 ~ It'll never be too late to give their love another chance!!! #18 ~ Because their love only happens 'Once in a Lifetime'! #19 ~ Sometimes True love means to let go, so you can give it another go! #20 ~ The wedding is all set, we're ready for the reunion now! #21 ~ Because S8 with Matt on board would have given us the PERFECT ending! #22 ~ 'Let's do it again Rory, let's jump' #23 ~ Love matured and choices became harder... #24 ~ 'Cause They're after the same rainbows' end! #25 ~ Their Hearts Only Belong To One Another! #26 ~ She's loving him still, after all this time! #27 ~ There were many flowers in Logan's life, but Rory was his rose! #28 ~ I’m never giving up, 'cause I know we got a once in a lifetime love!

1. Because there's no other place he'd rather be 2. Because they want to factor each other in their lives 3. We know that this is not the end! 4. There's always hope when there's love! 5. ~ It'll never be too late to give their love another chance! 6. They never knew how to worship until they knew how to love 7. Their love was hard work; and hard work sometimes hurts 8. For the first time in his life everything seemed perfect and then she said no 9. Love, Life and marriage! He was ready to give her everything! 10. For us maybe just a jump, for Logan the start of something special 11. Its love when somebody makes you smile when you're down... 12 'Cause' 'Moonrivers' was supposed to be their wedding song 13. 'Cause Logan wanted to give her a 'proper goodnight' for the rest of her life 14. This is real, this is good. Most off all it's built to last! 15. Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess. It's a love story just say yes! 16. Because after all she still kept the rocket

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