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Ashley/Christina Thread #3: She's the coolest Scotswoman we know (Edinburgh FTW!)

Welcome to the Ashley Jensen/Christina McKinney Appreciation Thread!


1. *~*Rach*~*
2. uscaremealot8357 (Amber)
3. DreamWalker (Mel)
4. Moonie
5. Trip & Run (Steph)
6. Insanitic (Shay)
7. UglyBettyForever (Roisin)
8. Typewriter (Christine)
9. Rona Jo
10. -cuckoo bananas- (Katie)
11. Wynter (Sadia)
12. CloakedHestia (Hestia)
13. colorful_dust (Natasha)
14. stumps101
15. SharTheLove
16. Lazy (Laura)
17. alexis bledel the best

(If you want to be added to the list just PM the thread starter or ask a moderator. )
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