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Adopt a Newbie #36 - Feeling lost or need a friend? We're here to help!


If you're new to Fan Forum and would like to make an immediate friend or could benefit from the help of a more experienced poster, you can be adopted. It is very simple! Just post a reply to this thread saying that you would like to be adopted.

You will then be directed to the person who will adopt you - just drop them a short (or long, it is up to you) Private Message saying something like the following:


I am a Newbie poster here at Fan Forum and you have been assigned to adopt me!

You may copy & paste this if you are unsure of what to say.

Please don't contact members on the list without asking on the thread to be adopted first.


- To adopt a Newbie, you must have been members of Fan Forum for at least 6 months
- To adopt a Newbie, you must have at least six hundred posts.
- Adopters can adopt as many times as they wish to, but they must wait for a period of two months between adoptions.
- Only posters who request to be added when there is an open spot will be added to our 'waiting to adopt list'. We won't keep track of people who ask when there isn't an open spot, they will have to drop by and ask again when there is a spot.

The Small Print
It is not imperative that you read this, it is additional information about the adoption process.

The Adopt a Newbie thread is a help system in which newbies get in contact with oldies to have some sort of support in the first days and weeks. Basically, the system intends to create a situation in which newbies can ask all kinds of questions to a more experienced member and also create a contact, a support, and more importantly a first friend on Fan Forum.

‘Adopt a Newbie’ is the place for Newbies to develop their own family at Fan Forum. Newbies will be adopted by members of Fan Forum and their conversations will take place via Private Messages. Therefore, our ‘Adopt a Newbie’ thread is the place in which we assign a newbie to another member, we are the messengers and you do the rest!

How Does It Work?
Despite this thread being just the place in which we assign Newbies to Oldies, we still intend this to be a necessary step for the adoption. So, what we are asking is for Newbies to step into the thread and ask to be adopted. The moderators or whoever is browsing the thread at the moment will direct the Newbie to who will be becoming his/her family!

What Is the Adoption List For?
Normally we had several people waiting for Newbies to stop by and that’s what created the idea of the list. The list you can see being updated is our way of keeping track of the adoptions that take place. Members waiting to adopt are those oldies that would like to adopt a Newbie, so Newbies do not need to wait to be adopted. They simply come here and are immediately directed to another member.

The list is updated as often as possible. Make sure you are consulting the most recent version of the list (you will find it always on the latest posts made on the thread) to avoid confusions.

Newbies can be adopted again but only on special occasions. The idea is for Newbies to be adopted only once, but in the rare case that the adopter is not available or in which the adoption process doesn't go right, Newbies should consult stargate barbie or 4N6 DNA.

Please also contact stargate barbie or 4N6 DNA for any questions, doubts, problems or any sort of thing with your adoptions (or with anything, for that matter).

And last, but not least... despite the serious tone of this introduction, adopting a newbie is extremely fun and everyone should try it! These rules we have added are rules that have been created due to the problems we have had in the past. So, don’t you worry! Just post you want to be adopted and the fun will begin!

The Adoption List

Potential Adopters: please remember that you must wait a period of 2 months between adoptions.
If you are not listed with the recent adopters below, that means you are free to adopt again.

ADOPTION LIST :: 07/01/09

5th - White Noise (profile) should have adopted abblette
8th - Katiegg108 (profile) should have adopted XoSaviiXoGGXo
8th - SunKissedFan (profile) should have adopted Kara176
12th - -Nina- (profile) should have adopted WinchesterGirl2
23rd - *Catherine* (profile) should have adopted stardust ballad
30th - Electrapop (profile) should have adopted Vital

8th - Addison Breathtakingly Beautiful (profile) should have adopted ashliebaby-x and stargate barbie (profile) should have adopted Granzagirl.
9th - AlexandraMavier (profile) should have adopted Periwinkle.
11th- carolilly (profile) should have adopted twisted_utopia
16th - talihina sky (profile) should have adopted SerieKiller
21st - Chrissalaugha (profile) should have adopted shaketheglitter

1st - Pey_23 (profile) should have adopted Kerii
9th - KoolKat101 (profile) should have adopted rustypierce3

Waiting to adopt:
  1. Abomasum (profile)
  2. kate204 (profile)
  3. - Tina - (profile)
  4. Shopaholic (profile)
  5. gizzie_fan (profile)
  6. _virgo_ (profile)
  7. missviolet (profile)
  8. donnaanddavidx3 (profile)
  9. xelanoops (profile)
  10. ~AIR~ (profile)
  11. A sorta fairytale(profile)
  12. broken|smile (profile)
  13. CrazyKimmie (profile)
  14. Pamike (profile)
  15. truth takes time (profile)
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