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the beginning with Alex talking about the beauty of London "the architecture..." dead body floatingalong" "you know you have no poetry in the soul" "no, really, that body there" (or some such) Sounds like something I'd go say.

The Neighbourhood watch was cute til the guy lifted his shirt. Ouch!

Gene talking to the victim's father.

Chris and Ray are hilarious. and the cheesy music really added to that). Especially Ray when the vic's wife answered the door.

stapling Riley's tie to the desk.

Ooh, Chris is worried about financial matters, interesting...

at Gene's thoughts on psychological profiling, and his "attempt".

Aww, she hugged him .

Yes! Gene Genie Justice! I love how excited Ray got. So cute. And the Alex :eyeroll:

"What do we do now?"
"nick it"
"we're the police"

Owww, poor Gene.

You know, I don't think I've ever heard that concern in her voice before. Bravo KH.

Ray and Alex interrogating the victim's wife: Alex asking Ray to be more sensitive, and Ray repeating his question but quietly.

Chris apologizing to Shaz by reading off of index cards. That poor boy fool.

Shaz accepting Chris' apology and kisses him to Ray's "Oh for Chrissake, not in the workplace, PLEASE" :snorts:

I figured it was either the wife or father, still sad.

The promo for next week has me wondering how they could wrap up the series so that we'll be satisfied if it only is a 2 series show and leave an opening for a third series is it is picked up for a third series.
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