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In Madness of Avlon

Originally Posted by follow the sun (View Post)
Hi there Are you going to post updates to the series here? If so, please add the fandom and rating to the thread title, and I can add your thread to the board guide

Welcome to
What is the rating system here?
It can be from Teen to adult, for rating but fandom isn't really that big, it's over a hundred people at the moment. I'm trying to get more people to read this, by advertising it through Realms of Fantasy which is being relaunched sometime soon.

The series is about a scattered resistance and in freeing their own, others join the cause to rid Avlon's vast army. It's not like Tolkien where they set off on to destroy a ring, nor is it like Harry Potter where he confronts Lord Voldermort.
It feels and is written in a way that each chapter reads like a short story, a little like Eragon.

It has many different aspects that makes you wonder how good or how cheesy it can be.It takes it self a little serious but I'm more in a, fun, adventures style, with sarcastic humor.
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