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Dante Ferretti has been hard at work in Sofia, Bulgaria these recent weeks constructing sets for Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia, which will begin shooting in April. Bulgarian newspaper 24 Hours published an interview with Ferretti on February 10, and it was kindly translated for us by Rado (also known as Space Ace-- Thanks, Space!). You can read the full translation here. The picture above accompanied the article (you can view the entire page here). It shows Ferretti in his office, with blueprints for his Black Dahlia set designs on the wall behind him. Last month, Ferretti received his seventh Oscar nomination, this time for his work on Martin Scorsese's The Aviator. When asked if he would win this time, Ferretti replied, "I don't know. One always hopes. Maybe the next time, with The Black Dahlia


The article bills The Black Dahlia as the most expensive Hollywood production ever shot in Bulgaria so far, and states that by April, "the chip board imitations of whole streets and buildings from Los Angeles in the '40s must be ready." Ferretti discusses his mentor, Federico Fellini. "What I learned from him became my textbook," Ferretti told 24 Hours. "He was an incredible dreamer and liar. I'm thankful to him for teaching me how to lie convincingly. Because in the movie business, if you aren't a good liar, you'll simply perish." In a seperate interview a couple of weeks ago with Sorrisi, Ferretti directly linked what he learned from Fellini to his mammoth task for De Palma's film. "I must reconstruct the Los Angeles of the 1940s," he told Paolo Fiorelli. "In Bulgaria! Fortunately, Fellini has taught me that impossible enterprises do not exist. And I firmly believe this." In Ferretti, De Palma truly seems to have found a match for his conviction that "the camera lies 24 frames per second."

The following article may contain minor spoilers, as it discusses casting descriptions for The Black Dahlia
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