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Oh, don't worry! I'm still waiting at home, so I have time

She says that she looks at the Oscar she won and still can't believe it's hers. She talks about the day of the ceremony, saying she doesn't like to spend so much time getting ready, or looking herself at the mirror, but the important thing is to eat well before going to those events. And after the ceremony, she use to go to eat a hamburger, but this year she couldn't do it, she had no time. She took 2 beers and (as she's not used to alcohol) she got drunk.
That night, everybody wanted to phone her, but her cell broke down like 3 times, so she received many of the felicitations by email. Woody Allen called her, and sent her flowers, he told her to stop winning 'cause he had no more flowers left.

She says she was at Salma's house when she knew about the nomination, she was wearing a Salma's pijamas with monkeys, and Salma was wearing one with frogs.
About the dress she wore at the Oscars, she says it had been in her closet for 8 years, and she thought that was the perfect time to put it on, it was a special dress for her.
She says it was a shame Javier couldn't give her the Oscar himself, but that was something the academy changed in all the categories.

Talking about her new Alomodovar film, she says her character is nothing similar with anything she did before, and she thanks Pedro for thinking about her and seeing her in those roles so different.
She also says it's a blessed to work with L'Oreal, and she'd sign for a life contract with them.
About Nine, the last movie she's filmed, she says it was hard work, she had to sing, but it's going to be a big movie.
All the actresses got along wonderful, they lived together for five months and got really closer, she's made great friends there, also with Daniel Day-Lewis.

She says her daylife is so normal, that she goes to the market and has the freedom of doing all by herself.

She talks about Vino (wine in spanish), her dog, who she found in Mexico, and goes with her to the photoshoots. She loves to take him for a walk through NY and Madrid.

About this year, she's having enough with Nine and Broken Embraces promotion, so she will not have time to film. She used to do 4 movies a year, and she needs to stop that becuse she wants to live too, and study other things.

That's pretty much what she says in the interview Enjoy!!
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