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Matt/Alexis Friendship Th. #17 - b/c there's nothing wrong if they want to get it going on

by shinystar

Matt/Alexis Friendship Thread

This is the place to discuss the friendship between Matt and Alexis..
Discussions about 'rumors' or anything that could hint at a possible serious love relationship can be discussed, as long as it's pointed out that there is no truth to this... Unless either one of them will confirm such a thing.

We don't know much about their friendship except for a few things such as the mixed CD that Alexis made for him, the extra's on the S5 DVD where they laugh with one another and that sweet interview that Alexis took from Matt

Also both actors have been given each other sweet compliments in interviews.. always sweet What they said can be found in the quotes section.

by JessBender

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Soccer Lovers
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by JessBender

by hearty26

Reasons Why We Love Them
  1. They have a great onscreen chemistry
  2. They give us the most amazing scenes ever!
  3. Because she made him a mixed CD
  4. They give each other nothing but compliments
  5. Because he went to her Sin City premiere.
  6. Because they always try to make their scenes the best possible.
  7. Because they shared lunch the day before his first shooting and got iimmediately comfortable with each other
  8. Because he says she's got a tender soul.
  9. Because they both respect each other.
  10. He looks forward to the days that they get to see each other
  11. They trust each other
  12. Because Alexis interviewed Matt at 3 AM
  13. They always compliment each other when asked about each other.
  14. Because he motivates her
  15. She thinks it's nice to work with him because he brings a fresh new energy
  16. Because Matt says that their relationship will always grow because of the time they spend together.
  17. Cause she is in a soccer team and we know (aka like to think that) Matt is her coach.
  18. Cause both love soccer.
  19. Cause they even have the same hobbies.
  20. Because we know she'll be cheering him up in his basketball games.
  21. Both of them love Radiohead
  22. Because he listened to the mix CD
  23. Because they both enjoy the same off-screen activities
  24. Because he thinks she's unbelieavable

The reason why they should be more than friends ...
  1. They would have pretty babies
  2. They'd make a cute couple
  3. With her dog sophie they would be a nice family
  4. 'Cause she had to admit : Her Logan is hotter
  5. Because they both look forward to the days they can *see* each other not *work* with each other.
  6. Because they both like Radiohead.
  7. Because although they have things in common we know they are different. (Matt likes women who are different then him!)
  8. Because they so have chemistry.
  9. Because we've seen their kissing getting hotter with every scene.
  10. Because they have developed a 'couch' relationship.
  11. Because we think they really enjoy their kissing scenes.
  12. Because we just want them to get together.
  13. Because isn't it weird that none of them are dating?
  14. Because Matt often says they have a relationship...what kind we don't know yet!
  15. Because we wonder what kind of motivation he gives to her.
  16. Because they feel safe with each other.
  17. Because they helped each other.
  18. Because she wants more scenes...Kissing Scenes?
  19. Cause she didn't pull back (during their kisses) in season 7
  20. Cause they trust each other!
  21. Cause she thinks it's fun to work with him - it definetely is *wink*
  22. Cause he was trying to be cool in their first kissing scene
  23. Cause their relationship is growing -- we want to know how much it grew
  24. Cause she inspires him - DIRTY
  25. CAuse we bet he'll be the gentleman and help her with any burden
  26. Cause he thinks of her at night.
  27. Cause she's unbelievable, and he likes saying it!

TV Guide Photoshoot (2005??)

Previous Threads:
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#2 ~ They look forward to days when they see each other!
#3 ~ They're the new and fresh energy that they need!
#4 ~ Because they love working together on set!
#5 ~ A Match Made in OUR Heaven
#6 ~ Goodbye Stars Hollow, Aloha Hawaii
#7 ~ We are not giving up until they actually find true love!
#8 ~ We would love nothing more than for them to get it on!
#9 ~ A little champagne, and the ice was broken!
#10 ~ Matt, Matt! if you go, Where shall I go? Gone in the dutch wind!
#11 ~ The Sisterhood of the Travelling Soccer lovers!
#12 ~ Cause she's got a free 'Ticket to Ride' Matt!
#13 ~ 'Cause we know better, they definetely should be together
#14 ~ They are great actors, but not great enough to hide it!
#15 ~ Alexis believes that her 'Logan' is the hottest!

by hearty26

Future Thread Title Ideas:
~ They are the best co-workers that they could wish for!
~ These two just scream C-H-E-M-I-S-T-R-Y!
~ Because we know better, they definetely should be together!
~ There's nothing wrong if they want to get it going on
~ Friendship is the base for true love. And their friendship is something special
~ Like the energizer bunny! they'll keep going and going and going!

YouTube - Gilmore Girls turns 100 part 2 (season 5 DVD extra)

Our Soccer Lover Soundtrack

Alexis interviewing Matt in 2006!


"Alexis (Bledel) and I are more comfortable. We trust each other," ~ Matt, October 2005.

"Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel and Veronica Mars's Kristen Bell took the stage and compared their series, which will share Tuesday nights. Both are set in small towns, they noted, and Bell pointed out, "We both date hot guys named Logan." Replied Bledel, "But my Logan is hotter!"
CW Party 2006

Alexis is a dear friend of mine. We trust and respect each in all aspects of our lives. I look forward to days when I get a chance to see her ~ Matt ( interview)

"Alexis' tender soul is matched only by her courage to be authentic in a world that demands her stardom," ~ Matt (Teen People Magazine June/July 2006)

You know that Alexis is so laid back. She's so great to work with! I'm listening to a CD right now that she made me that is a mix CD of this incredible music. She made it for me for no reason and that just tells you what kind of person she is. She's completely laid back so it's not going to be a problem. She's done it before. I've done it before and she's amazingly cool so it will be fine. ~ Matt

We had lunch this one-day before the first day of shooting our first scene together. We just talked and got comfortable with each other and that helped. Like I said, Alexis is so laid back that it was just easy to get along with her. We had one lunch together before we started shooting. ~ Matt

by shinystar

"It's really fun working with him, I mean it definitely is, because he's always very engaged, he's always in character, and it kinda motivates me. Because, like, I'm on the show every day, and when he comes in, he brings this fresh new energy and its kinda nice to work with him. So, I hope we get to have a lot more scenes together this season." ~ Alexis

"I think what's great about the relationship that Alexis and I have off screen, is just about how we can make these scenes the best possible. She's entering a new fase for her character and I think she's walking that line beautifully of not forgetting this character that she has developed over the past few years but also going into something new, which is a challenge for her. How is Rory going to break out but still stay true to who she is. She's done a great job with that of walking that line and on the same side for my character, who's doing these things as well. And you know, the great thing about Alexis and I is that we want to make the scenes the best we possibly can and do our jobs in the best ability for the show. She helps me and I help her and we have a great relationship in that way where we both feel safe and trust each other to say 'Does that work?' or 'Does it not?' 'Is that stupid?' 'Is this okay?' What do you think is going on here? Do you think he would do this or that she would do that? It's nice to have that relationship with your fellow actors."
~ Matt (Random Rant 2005)

Alexis is kind of who I interact with mostly, and its kind of it's been the same for us as far as our relationship is concerned. It always continues to grow the more time we spend with each other, the more kind of moments we have together, the more scenes that we do our relationship, as far as friendship is concerned, continues to grow and that’s something really special for me in my life as who I am. This has been a huge part of my life for three years. I’ve worked very, very closely with Alexis and so many of my moments and memories of the past three years are working on the show.
~ Matt Czuchry (BuddyTV Interview February 2007)

I was nervous and trying to be all cool. I drank champagne and then spit it up all over myself and Alexis. It was the perfect way to break the ice.
~ Matt Czuchry (about the first onscreen kiss with Alexis Bledel - US Weekly)

I know you mostly work with Alexis (Bledel, who plays Rory); what’s she like to work with?

I was thinking last night, it’s unbelievable how Alexis has been able to shoulder a TV show with so much of the pressure for six years. She got the job when she was seventeen or eighteen. Alexis and Lauren – it’s their show. They have to shoulder so much of the responsibility and pressures and demands of being on a TV show. Just the amount of time and work and effort that goes into it. She’s very, very inspirational to me that she can shoulder this burden. She’s been doing it for six years and she’s twenty-three now. That’s what’s most impressive to me. It’s kind of a joy to watch just how she’s able to go from scene to scene and day to day and be able to shoulder the burden of the show. ~Matt

by JessBender

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