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Some Of My Poems

These and more can be found at skycloud86 -

The Oak Tree

Maybe a memory only now, I am afriad,

But perhaps my words will grow a new one just like it,

The oak tree in my back yard,

The one that grew from an acorn that slipped,

Fell into a slit in the concrete fields,

But knew that to be he must grow,

All this took place many decades before I walked this Earth,

By the time I was a child,

The tree was old and did not wish to be so bold

As to reach up to the sun anymore,

But its leaves were still growing,

And beneath it in summer we did sit under the branches

Protected by a friend who was dying,

Terminal, the tree weakened,

The tree died one misty winter's evening,

Noone around to give it a send off,

He died with the wind flowing through his hair,

We didn't know until some weeks later,

When his corpse broke and the tree fell,

Maybe a child of his slipped into the cracks again.

For Those Of You Who Are Missing

No more do we hear your sweet laughter,

Yet we hope to see you smile once more,

You floated away on an unknown breeze

We miss the sparkle of your eyes,

But your memory will always linger,

You vanished in body but you never left us,

You are still in our hearts

And in our thoughts, from

The orchestra of birds to the sleepy night,

Floating away from us on breezes we do not know,

Wherever you are in this vast Earth,

No matter how many rivers you cross,

No matter how many roads you walk on,

Still in our hearts forever

Our beloved, our treasure.

The Forgotten Joy Of Peace

A war is going on today

And all the nation is armed

The bullets fly past the schools

The libraries, the houses and the shacks

Today we lost a generation

Tomorrows another day, another million

The guns fire and the missles strike

The tanks crawl and the ships stalk

A war is going on today

They have forgotten the joy of peace

Her Music

Her fingers playfully tease the keys

Slipping flawlessly from one to the other

Without words, she speaks to me

She smiles as her fingers act

Her eyes concentrated on mine

As if we were alone

Slipping flawlessly go her fingers,

From one key to the other

This secret romance,

Like a moon behind the purple clouds of night,

We hold not each other but a warm gaze.
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