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By skycloud86

Summary: For the characters of 24, there is life after death.
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Nina mainly, plus almost every other major character at some point
Status: In Progress
Chapter Six: Out Of Hiding

It was a fine morning and David Palmer was enjoying the sun soaked scene from the window of his brother Wayne's penthouse apartment in Los Angeles. Sadly for him, decisions made and secrets known struck him down in bullet form. Dead before he even hit the floor, on of America's greatest Presidents of recent times was the victim of a nameless, faceless assassin. As Wayne Palmer cradled his dead brother's head in his arms, he yelled for help.

Although he had been indoors and several floors up, David awoke to find himself lying in a field. Standing up and realising the impossibility of the situation he found himself in, he could only assume that he was indeed dead, and if any part of him was still unsure of this, it was sated by the sight of a small woman staring at him.

“David?”, Sherry called as she walked towards him. She knew that it had only been a few years since her own death, and that David Palmer was fairly young and healthy. Wrapping her slight frame around him, she couldn't bear to wonder what had happened to him.

“I was shot, Sherry, in the neck by a sniper. Oh God, what Wayne must be going through right now!”, David spoke, his voice tinged with sorrow and concern. Sherry lifted her head to look at his face.

“Wayne? Did he witness it?”, Sherry enquired. She knew that Wayne had witnessed her death, and wouldn't have wished witnessing two murders on anyone.

As David and Sherry walked into Nueva Los Angeles, people were astonished to see the former President. Those who had lived through his term in office had only positive things to say about David Palmer. Many people welcomed him as he passed them by, and David couldn't help but feel as if he were President again.

The assassination of David Palmer was now major news across America, if not the world, and Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida had both been horrified by the news of his death. Michelle, ever the patriot, had decided to go to CTU and offer her help, even though the couple were meant to attend a meeting regarding the future of their private security firm. She knew that Tony would decide to go with her and she was proven right as Tony followed her out of the door. Seconds later, the explosion destroyed their hopes, their future and their lives. The last thing Michelle sensed was the voice of her husband. The last thing Tony Almeida sensed before losing conciousness was the sound of the distant sirens of an ambulance.

The front garden of her house was not exactly a gardener's paradise, and as Michelle opened her eyes, the first thing she noticed were the flowers. Groaning as she slowly stood up, she remembered the blast and collapsed back onto the ground, where she sat for a while, wondering what was happening to her.

“Tony?”, she called out, before repeating herself when he didn't reply.

“He's not here, Michelle', a female voice spoke from a short distance away. Recognising the voice, she stood up again and looked straight at Nina Myers, the women who had used Tony, betrayed him and hurt him when all he had done was love her.

“Nina? Where are we? What's going on?”, Michelle spoke in a neutral, emotionless tone. Although she would readily admit to detesting Nina, she reasoned that Nina could be of great help to her at that point in time.

“Whever we go when we die, Michelle”, Nina responded. It could only have been a few years since she was murdered, and already so many people she had known via CTU had come to the Afterlife since then.

“Is there a god, Nina?”, Michelle asked. Not that she was religious, but seeing as there was an afterlife, maybe there was indeed some sort of higher power at work in the universe.

“As far as anyone here knows, no”, Nina replied, and she couldn't care less, as she wasn't about to start believing in any such thing.

“Do you know what happened to Palmer, Michelle?”, Nina enquired.

“Yeah, I was on my way to CTU, to see if they needed mine and Tony's help”, Michelle replied. Nina nodded then pointed towards the town.

“Come on, I'll take you to Nueva Los Angeles. There's so many people there that have a connection to CTU”, Nina said. Michelle thought of Mason, Paula, Gael. The people she had worked with who had lost their lives and now were living free of the terrorist threat.

The terrorists had managed to gain access to the building, and they left a present for CTU – one whole canister of Sentox nerve gas. By the time people had managed to get to the airtight rooms made for such situations, it was already too late for many, who suffocated to death and soon found themselves in the Afterlife. Edgar Stiles was running through the bullpit, desperate to reach one of the rooms, but his efforts would go unrewarded. As the gas took hold of him, his eyes met Chloe's, and the gaze they shared together comforted him as he died

Having breathed in toxic gas, Edgar could only assume that he was hallucinating when he found himself in a field of flowers. Slowly getting up, he wondered just how much detail could be found in a hallucination when he noticed the town on the horizon, complete with people and vehicles. As he walked into the town, he passed people that he thought he recognised, and he was shocked to hear someone calling out his name.

“Edgar?”, Michelle called as she noticed him. She felt sorry for him, as he was harmless and had only done his best to help his country. Turning around, Edgar's face lit up as he noticed Michelle.

“Michelle? But I thought you were dead?”, Edgar spoke, before coming to the logical conclusion that he himself was also dead, before Michelle confirmed it.

“We both are. Did something happen at CTU?”, Michelle asked. There had been a large influx of CTU staff over the past hour or so, and it wasn't hard to assume that something had happened inside CTU.

“The terrorists got in and put Sentox nerve gas in the ventilation system”, Edgar explained, and Michelle could only think of the bomb attack that killed so many of CTU's best agents, the hotel where hundreds had died due to or because of the Cordilla virus.

“If we're dead, do you think I could find my mother?”, Edgar asked hopefully. His mother had had to take the brave decision to kill herself rather than suffer the effects of nuclear fallout just a year and a half before.

“Sure, Edgar. It shouldn't be too hard to find her”, Michelle replied, only too happy to help him.

Knowing that he was to blame for this whole mess, Lynn McGill died also knowing that he had no choice in the matter. Having managed to regain control of CTU's ventilation system, he felt redeemed in some way, but knew that he could never make up for the deaths of nearly 60 people. As the gas infected him, he told himself that it was the least he deserved.

Lynn rubbed his eyes as he struggled to comprehend his situation. Standing up and looking around his new surroundings, he could only wonder where he was. Was god so merciful, so forgiving, thet he would allowed him to ascend to Heaven, even if he did sacrifice his life for the greater good? Lynn noticed the nearby town and realised that any questions he had would be answered there.

For one short, sweet, blissful moment, Harry Swinton believed that he had been saved from a painful death. For one wonderful moment, he knew that he would see his family again, and that he had worried about death for nothing. Then he died, and Harry didn't believe in miracles, or anything, anymore.

Hearing Lynn mumbling to himself, Harry stood up and saw where Lynn was, before deciding to approach him.

“Lynn?”, he called out, catching the other man's attention.

“Don't ask me where we are, Harry. All I know is that we're dead for sure, and that the town over there may hold the answers to our questions”, Lynn replied. Both of the men continued on towards Nueva Los Angeles.

Standing on top of the submarine, Christopher Henderson was face to face with Jack Bauer. He knew that Jack was a tough guy to escape from under normal circumstances, but if you had killed someone he loved, or betrayed him, then you were dead no matter what. Knowing that if he wanted to live, he had to kill Jack Bauer, he raised his gun and fired at Jack. The problem for Christopher was that the gun jammed, and as Jack returned his fire from a gun that didn't jam, Christopher wondered if he deserved it or not.

When the last thing you remember is watching the stars whilst dying of gunshot wounds on top if a submarine late at night, the last thing you expect is to suddenly find yourself lying in a field staring into a sunny sky. Christopher had no idea how he was supposed to react to this place. Was this Heaven? Inspecting his body and finding no bullet wounds, he could have considered himself to be slightly crazy, or maybe dismiss the shooting as some twisted dream. Instead, he decided to consider himself a dead man, and that he was now standing in the life after death.
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