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A World Not Seen
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina wasn't the mole? Major scenes in the first three seasons - Jack vs Mole
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Jack/Tony/Nina/Kim
Status: Complete
Chapter Three: Interrogation

I can see you through this mirror, Tony. Right now, all I can think of is why I allowed Nina to interrogate you, because I don't want you anywhere near the people I love.

Tony noticed the wedding ring on Nina's finger, and smirked. Having learnt of Nina and Jack's relationship adn eventual marriage, he hadn't been surprised at the news, although he wondered why Jack bothered getting married.

You never loved me, did you, Nina? It doesn't matter, now, anyway.

Jack looked at Nina's face and saw the frustration, the anger and the confusion. She had been so upset after Tony's betrayal, and Jack was anxious not to let Tony get any pleasure out of hurting her in any way.

Look at you, Tony. Look at yourself, enjoying the attention you're getting. Is this life as a mass murderer really better than your former life?

Sighing in exasperation, Nina decided that more drastic measures were needed. She called in the torture expert Richards, who had joined after Tony's departure from CTU. She watched as Tony took needle after needle in his neck, and she felt the need to rub her own neck wound, where she had been shot just hours before in a local shopping mall. Asking Tony how much more he wanted to take, Tony surprised them all. He moved forwards when he answered, then suddenly pushed his head back, sending the needle straight into his carotid artery. Chaos ensued as Nina and Michelle rushed Tony to Medical.

You must think I want to die, Nina, but I don't. I want to live and this may be a desperate and damn reckless way of showing it, but you know me, I take risks if it emans surviving another day.

As he was rushed into Medical, Tony wondered why they wanted to save him. Was his information that important to them? He tried not to pass out from the pain as he waited for Nina to leave the room. His fingers clenching slowly around a tube, he memorised exactly where all the medical staff in the room were. Minutes later, an alarm blared out and Jack, Nina and Chappelle rushed into Medical to find a bloodbath.

Damnit, Tony! Why do you value your life over those of innocent people? If you think I'm gonna let you get away, you're mistaken. I am gonna hunt you down!
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