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A World Not Seen
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina wasn't the mole? Major scenes in the first three seasons - Jack vs Mole
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Jack/Tony/Nina/Kim
Status: Complete
Chapter Three: Crashed

No, this can't be the end! Don't let Tony be the cause of my death, I can't let that happen to Kim!

As the plane rocketed towards the dusty ground, death laughed at the occupants. Jack and Tony looked at each other, knowing that they could have only minutes left to live before they crashed.

Forget it, Jack! I won't give up yet, and if I take this information to the grave, I won't be the one who suffers because you failed to get it out of me. Ya know, I don't want this bomb to go off, as much as that might shock you, but don't think for a minute that I'll consider the lives of millions of strangers just to give you the last laugh!

When Jack finally woke, he was lying in the unforgiving sunshine close to the wreckage. The only sounds that he could hear were distant bird songs, which seemed almost eerie to his ears. Grunting in pain as he took a piece of wood out of his leg, it took him a minute to remember Tony. Getting to his feet, he looked around for any other survivors of the crash.

Is this it? Did our last chance to stop the nuke just die in a plane crash? As much as I wanna see you dead, Tony, I need to stop that bomb!

After tending to an injured FBI agent, Jack resumed his search for Tony. Finding him unconscious halfway down a slope, Jack rushed to him and released him from the chair. Considering for a moment the reasons why he should resuscitate Tony, he looked at his former friend with disgust and, as he sealed his lips over Tony's mouth and gave him the air that Jack didn't think he really deserved, Jack's tried not to see this act as an act of humanity and kindness, but as an act of necessity, something you wouldn't dream of doing normally. Tony's return to conciousness was signalled by a gasp and as he rolled over, Jack caught his own breath.

Jack? Jack just saved my life? Is this little medic act of yours just gonna make you want to see me dead even more, Jack? You saved me when all you want, all you ever think about is finally killing me, ridding yourself of me.

As Jack and Tony walked away from the wreckage, they realised that they were not alone and, as the group of armed men surrounded and executed the injured FBI agent in cold blood, Jack realised that they were not safe yet. Using a flare gun he had grabbed from the wreckage, he killed one of the men and grabbed the dead soldier's gun. Hoping that he could trust Tony enough to look after the ammunition, he started to fire on the armed group with help from Tony.

Tony, please don't mess around with me now! We need to cooperate, to stick together if we're gonna get outta here, and that means no games.

As Jack eliminated the last of the soldiers, he was relieved to hear the sound of a helicopter approaching them. Tossing the empty gun behind him, he took out his handgun and was about to survey the area when he heard a familiar click and cursed himself.

Drop the gun, Jack! I have to get rid of you, because I know that if I don't take my chance to do so, you'll chase me forever no matter where I go or what I do with my life, and that just isn't acceptable to me. Ya think I wanted to kill Teri? Do you think I wanted to hurt Nina, betray you? Don't tell me that you've never hurt others in order to survive or to complete your objective, because that would be a lie. I know you, Jack, and you know me, so I hope you understand why I gotta do this.

President Palmer knew that to sit in the chair of the President of the United States was to wield a double-edged sword, and today was no exception. He had to choose between his friend and the city of Los Angeles. Even though Jack was trying to convince him that millions of innocents were worth far more than he was, Palmer couldn't help but feel as if they were of equal importance to the world.

So this is how it ends? Shot dead by the man who killed my wife, who'll leave my daughter alone in the world as an orphan? Kim, honey, I hope and pray that, even if I do die today, that you keep me and your mother forever in your heart and mind. I don't know what scares me more, though, the fact that if I die, you'll be alone, or the fact that i don't really care whether I live or die.

Jack's life was taken out of Tony's hands minutes later, after Jack had managed to coax him out of the shadows and into the sight of the sniper. As armed men surrounded his would be murderer, Jack got up. Seeing a smirk on Tony's face, he walked up to Tony and whispered in his ear. The look of shock that Tony couldn't hide was a great pleasure to Jack.

This is how my life is gonna be, isn't it? We'll meet again one day and it's gonna be kill or be killed, Jack. I don't know about you, but I ain't gonna go down without a fight.
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