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A World Not Seen
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina wasn't the mole? Major scenes in the first three seasons - Jack vs Mole
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Jack/Tony/Nina/Kim
Status: Complete
Chapter Two: Control

There he is, the man who destroyed my life, my daughter's life. The man who betrayed me and the man who laughed at me behind my back.

Jack couldn't decide what to feel as he saw Tony Almeida being escorted through the rubble by four security guards. Shackled, he looked like a totally different person to the Tony who had once been one of CTU's best agents. His olive skin was paler than it once was, his jet black hair was unkempt and his brown eyes showed contempt for those who would look into them. Jack was glad that Nina was out of the office at the time, because he knew that she had been badly affected by his treachery.

Wald did a good job, but not good enough. I see you're still here, Jack, alive as always and I hope to be able to see your face when I walk free from here, because I'm not giving you what i know for free. Jail is a hell hole, and I don't intend to see hell until the day I die.

Michelle Dessler, Tony's replacement, looked at Jack sympathetically. Having become good friends with Jack and Nina, she had heard all about Tony, and she had been shocked at how he had run rings around them for years and now he had managed to blow CTU up. Michelle wondered if Tony had really loved Nina at all. She admired and respected her, and knew that Nina deserved someone far better than Tony, and she had been so happy when she realised that Jack and Nina still seemed to have feelings for each other.

I'm looking into your eyes, Tony. I wanna see regret, but I don't see it. God damn it, I don't even see the slightest bit of fear, either! Well, I'm gonna change that, Tony!

The pardon had come and now Jack had managed to convince Mason to let him interrogate Tony. Placing the document down on the table, he looked at Tony with disgust. For a while, it was silent until Tony started telling Jack how he wanted to do things. The atmosphere thickened with each passing second and when Jack threw the table over, he cursed himself inside for allowing Tony to get to him. As they sat looking at one another, nothing to divide them but air, Tony couldn't resist pushing Jack once more.

Listen, Jack, I'm in charge here no matter what. I know what you want, and that just pisses you right off, doesn't it? Go on, try and do something to me. Touch me, and you'll be outta here. Kill me, and you'll just be a statistic when that nuke goes off.

Jack himself didn't realise what he was doing until he had Tony up against the wall, his hand tight around his neck and as Mason rushed into the room, he didn't want a repeat of that night down in the parking garage and he was ready to squeeze all that remained of Tony Almeida's worthless existence out of him until thoughts of the nuke and Mason's voice pulled him out of his red mist.

Consider yourself lucky, Tony, and I would prepare myself if I were you because when I come back in here, it'll be round two and noone will come in here and save you from me.

As Jack and Mason left the room, Tony caught his breath and tried to catch his composure. He looked around the room quickly, as if scared of Jack's shadow.

You're gonna put your revenge over your duty, Jack? Not like you to be so selfish, Jack! Truth is, I'm quite happy to see you pissed off, it means that I'm hurting you in the right ways and places.

Returning into the room, Jack decided that the games were over. He wanted that information out of Tony, and he had a plan. As the bullets flew past the shocked Tony, Jack couldn't help but smile slightly. They had stopped playing Tony's game, and now were playing Jack's, and Jack knew all of the tricks.

I won't play by your rules, Tony, you know that even if I do lose control for a little while, I never give up and I never will when innocent lives are at risk because of people like you, who have no loyalty to anyone but themselves and who will whore themselves to the highest bidder because they know no other reward or happiness than how much is in their bank account.
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