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A World Not Seen - a 24 fanfic

A World Not Seen
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina wasn't the mole? Major scenes in the first three seasons - Jack vs Mole
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Jack/Tony/Nina/Kim
Status: Complete
Chapter One: Heartbreak

Dammit Jack, why couldn't you have just died? Ya know, I love Nina and now I have to do this to her, to you, to everyone? You'll probably run back to her when you find out what I've just had to do, Jack, and to be honest, I think she'll forget me soon enough, even though I'll never forget her. Ever.

Tony swerved around the corner dangerously, his veins full of adrenaline, his mind full of thoughts of Jack and Nina. He knew that one day, he might have to escape quickly, might have to leave behind Nina. He cursed loudly as he saw the black SUV pull into the garage.

You're trapped, Tony! You're gonna either die by my hands, or you're going to jail! I trusted you, and this is how you repay that trust?

Jack's eyes widened as he saw Tony driving towards him. Realising that Tony was heading straight towards him, and shooting at him, he became even angrier and, as they were about to collide, Tony suddenly swerved, although he didn't know if he did it out of fear, submission or nature. As Jack pulled him out of the car and clamped his hand around Tony's neck, their eyes met. Demanding answers, Jack felt sick, and he wanted nothing more than to squeeze the life of the traitor.

Go on, Jack! Kill me! Throttle the life I just threw away out of me, because you know you'll regret it if you don't, Jack. I know I wouldn't if I were in your shoes.

As Mason, Nina and a couple of guards approached, Tony's nerves settled down, but Jack's anger just rose and Mason knew that he had to calm Jack down. Encouraging him, Mason reminded Jack of his family, that it was all over, that he could be reunited with his wife and daughter. Letting go of Tony, he stepped backwards. Looking down on his former friend, he sighed. Turning to face the exit, he took a deep breath as if to separate being with Tony from being with his family, he went with Mason and, as Tony was handcuffed, he looked at Nina with pleading eyes. She, however, was in a state of shock.

Nina, Nina, I'm so sorry! You have to know that I didn't ever want to hurt you and I wish I could have left myself behind when i first met you, and allowed myself to live as the Tony you knew.

Jack embraced Kim and silently thanked God that his family were safe. Wanting nothing more than to go home with Teri and Kim, he realised that Teri was nowhere to be found and set off to find her. Walking through quiet corridors and looking into darkened rooms, he came across a couple of guards tending to a shot guard. As the fear shrouded him, he began to run, and realised that the day wasn't quite over yet.

Teri? Teri?! Where are you? Please be safe, please don't get hurt because of me! I only ever wanted to keep our world away from my world, but they've collided and now you and Kim have suffered because of me.

Looking into a room, he found it empty and was about to leave when he decided to take a second look. His fear-filled eyes widened as he saw the tied up figure. Breathing quickly, he rushed towards Teri. With a mix of fear and relief, he untied her and lovingly lifted her into his arms. As her head fell back suddenly, he realised that he was living in his worst nightmare.
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