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By skycloud86

Summary: 21 years after Day Three, someone wants revenge
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Jack/Kim/Chloe/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter Four: Conclusions

1.40pm, Holding Room 1, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

As George walked into the holding room, he looked at Alex, who was staring aimlessly at the wall in front of him. Sitting down across from him, George placed the DNA results on the table and slid them over to Alex.

"What is this?", Alex enquired. He recognised his mother, but not the Drazen guy.

"Those are your parents. Bauer wanted us to run a DNA test on you"

"Why? And who exactly is Alexis Drazen?". Not knowing why Jack had indeed asked for the test, he ignored the first question and moved onto the second.

"Alexis Drazen, born January 1967 in Kragujevac, Serbia, to Victor and Elena Drazen. Went to Zagreb University, served in the Serbian army in the 1990s. In 2002, on the day of the California Presidential Primary, he and his brother, Andre, helped their father escape from US custody and attempted to assassinate David Palmer, as well as kidnapping Jack's family. Your mother helped them with their plan". Confused, Alex thought about the information he had just been given.

"So, my mother was an American terrorist and my father was a Serbian soldier turned would be murderer?"

"Pretty much, yeah. We believe that your mother visited Alexis Drazen sometime in January 2002 in Serbia. According to CTU records, she was on holiday for two weeks, although a couple of those days were spent with Jack Bauer in Santa Barbara".

"With Jack Bauer?", Alex questioned.

"Yeah. It seems that they had an affair around that time, before Jack decided to return to his wife". George realised that this was probably why Jack had requested the DNA test, and wondered whether Jack was happy with the result or not. George decided to change the subject.

"Tell me all about Jane Saunders, Alex"

1.40pm, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jack, Kim and Chloe were still at the FBI. They were waiting to be debriefed, and all three were restless, and just wanted to go home. Jamey approached them and apologised for the wait, before talking about Alex.

"In regards to Alex, we'll interrogate him, find out what he knows. It's likely that he will be charged with kidnapping and second-degree murder, so what you three can tell us will be really helpful. Chloe, would you like to go first?". Chloe nodded and Jamey asked her to go with her to a conference room.

1.45pm, Conference Room, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Both Chloe and Jamey sat down at the large table and Jamey cleared her throat. She placed a tape recorder onto the table.

"Chloe, I'm going to ask you a few questions, and I need you to speak clearly, OK?". She turned the tape recorder on and said her name and the date.

"For the record, your name is Chloe O'Brien?"

"Yes, it is"

"And you were kidnapped yesterday afternoon, outside of your house?"

"Yes, by three men. None of them were Alex though. I think they were helping him and Jane"

"How were you treated by Mr Myers and Ms Saunders?"

“Fine, I guess, although we were tied up for hours"

"You witnessed Alex Myers shoot and kill Jane Saunders, is this correct?"

"Yes. He was talking to her and got angry, blaming her father for his mother's death. He shot her in the same way Jack killed his mother"

"How do you mean?"

"He shot her in the shoulder, then three times in the chest"

1.55pm, Holding Room 1, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex had just finished telling George about the kidnap plot when Howard walked into the room. George went up to him and they had a whispered conversation for a few minutes, before Howard left the room. George turned to Alex.

"Ms O'Brien has informed one of our agents that you allowed them to escape just after you shot Jane Saunders. Why?". George was curious. The whole plan was to get revenge on Jack Bauer, not Jane Saunders.

"I don't think I can answer that question, Agent Berkeley". Alex was unsure why he had helped them escape. It wasn't out of pity or remorse, and he certainly still felt anger towards Jack Bauer.

"Well try to, Alex!"

"I didn't like what I became when I shot Jane. I still have anger towards Jack for killing my mother, but now I have blood on my hands, killing him is out of the question"

"Chloe says that you were questioning Jack's motive for killing your mother yesterday, and you made it quite clear that you considered it to be murder. Yet today, you mirrored his actions when you shot Jane. A little hypocritical, isn't it?". Alex was starting to get angry.

"It was like I couldn't control myself, until it was too late. I wanted her dead at that moment in time!". His voice got louder as he spoke. George decided to move on.

"So, you untied Chloe O'Brien and told her to wait until you got to the entrance of the warehouse before she could untie the Bauers. What was your reason?"

"I was worried about Jack's reactions. If you know anything about Jack Bauer, you know what he can be like when he's pissed"

"OK. Well, we'll leave it there for now. You'll be transported to a federal detention facility this afternoon". George stated, before leaving Alex alone in the room.

A few minutes later, Howard Surnow walked in. He started to take Alex's restraints off and, noticing Alex's look of confusion, explained.

"Where do you think Saunders got those documents?", he smirked, proud of his treachery.

"Have you been reading my mother's file too much, Agent?", which caused Howard to chuckle.

"Listen, I can get you out of here, but we don't have a lot of time, understand?"

"Fine. What's the plan?"

2.00pm, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Vasquez rushed into the main office. As he regained his breath, he held out a document, which George took and skimmed through.

"Where did you get this?"

"Archives. It seems Howard Surnow was the leak. He gave Jane Saunders those CTU documents!". George had a look of shock plastered over his face. Raising his voice to speak to the whole office, he asked if anyone knew where Howard was.

"Last time I saw him, he was going into holding Room 1", an agent replied from halfway across the room. George cursed and rushed to the holding room. An even louder curse was heard when he found the room to be empty. He turned to the office and told several agents to start looking for the pair, and ordered a lock down.

Howard and Alex were now running down a corridor, aiming to reach one of the building's few exits. Howard had provided Alex with a gun, so both were armed and ready to shoot anyone who got in their way. As they ran, Alex felt the need to ask Howard a few questions.

"I assume she already paid you for your services?"

"Yeah, she did that a few weeks ago"

"So why help me and put yourself in danger of prosecution?". Howard didn't answer in time, before shouts were heard from behind them. George and Jamey had found them, and were running directly towards them. Howard turned and shot George straight in the heart, killing him instantly. Alex raised his gun and fired at Jamey, hitting her in the chest and arm.

Meanwhile, Jack was asking for a gun. He argued that he could help them catch Surnow and Myers, and Vasquez relented. Gun in hand, he started his search. After a few minutes, he found the dead body of George Berkeley, and an half-concious Jamey Pressman. He attempted emergency first aid on Jamey, but she shooed him away.

"Find them, Jack. I'll be alright, I promise", she croaked, a smile appearing on her face. A look of dangerous determination entered Jack's face and Jamey pointed him in the direction of the pair. He ran down the corridor and felt as if it was that day all over again, the night that he finally avenged his wife's murder. He noticed Surnow and shot him in the leg, causing him to crash to the floor. He carefully approached Howard, before pointing his gun directly at Howard's face.

"You gave Saunders the documents, didn't you?", he demanded. Howard looked up at him and sneered.

"Yeah, I did. Got quite an handsome reward for it, too!", he let out a laugh, which was soon replaced by a scream as Jack pressed his foot down on the bullet wound. As Vasquez and Palmer approached, he told them to take Howard into custody.

"What about you, Jack?", Palmer enquired.

"I'm going to get Alexis Myers", he stated flatly.

Alex was now frantically trying to find a way out. He knew that he had made things much worse for himself with the escape and shooting Agent Pressman, and felt no other choice but to keep looking for an exit. He found a fire exit and was about to leave the building, when a familiar voice shouted out from behind him.

"Don't even think about it, Alex!", Jack warned, his gun pointed directly at Alex, who turned around and faced Jack. For a minute, they stared at each other, daring the other to speak or shoot.

"Would you kill me if I did, Jack? Like you killed my mother?", Alex was entering dangerous territory now, but he knew that if Jack was there, FBI agents would not be far behind. This provoked an angry reaction from Jack, who cocked his gun and walked forward slightly. Alex started to become nervous.

"I told you before Jack, don't come after me, and I won't come after you", he reminded Jack of their one-way promise back at the warehouse.

“You shouldn’t even have gone along with Jane in the first place, Alex”, Jack said, before being distracted by Palmer coming towards them. Alex saw his chance and took it. He shot the agent dead before firing at Jack, hitting him in the arm. He was about to finish Jack off before Vasquez fired three shots straight into his chest. As he fell to the ground, his death rushing towards him, he could hear the muffled voices of Jack and Vasquez. The last thing he saw, however, was Jack, who shot him in the forehead.
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