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By skycloud86

Summary: For the characters of 24, there is life after death.
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Nina mainly, plus almost every other major character at some point
Status: In Progress
Chapter Four: After The Meltdown

Shot in the back. By his own son. For most people, that would constitute the ultimate betrayal. Although this was also true for Navi Araz, he had felt betrayed by Behrooz many times before and once more wouldn't matter a bit. As he died, he didn't think of his family, he thought of the cause he considered himself a martyr for.

A confused Navi wandered through the field, wondering if this was all just some strange hallucination. He considered the possibility of being in a coma, but he hoped that that wasn't the case. Feeling for the gunshot on his back, he was surprised to find nothing out of the ordinary. Heading for a nearby town,. he hoped that he could find some answers to the growing number of questions he was asking himself.

Looking at her oxygen tank with a sense of urgent determination, Lucy Stiles was fighting hard against a naive will to live. She told herself that death at her own hands would be far more preferable than death by nuclear fallout. Victory came and with shaking hands, she turned off her oxygen and closed her eyes to await death.

Opening her eyes, Lucy was pleasantly surprised to see not her home, but a field of flowers basking under a warm sun, and a sky of deepest blue. The scene was heavenly, but the secular Lucy was careful not to assume anything about this strange new place. Laughing with delight as she breathed unaided for the first time in years, she closed her eyes and laid amongst the flowers.

When something takes over your life and doesn't want to let go, it can cause great pain and anguish. For Dina Araz, it proved fatal. As she was shoved into another room and unceremoniously put down like a dog, she regretted only one thing - that her son had been dragged into this whole mess. Taking her final breath, she prayed that Behrooz would escape from the murky terrorist circles that he had been forced into.

A sunny sky and sweet flowers were a welcome change in scenery from the dank warehouse where Dina had met her untimely end. Standing up and surveying her surroundings, she noticed her husband. The romantic in her wanted to run and kiss him with all the passion she could find inside her. The mother in her wanted to hurt him badly for putting her beloved son in danger. As they met, both were unsure how they would react, before Dina swiftly slapped Navi hard across the face. Glaring at him, she walked away, ignoring him as he called out her name.

For Paul Raines, his death was a rather unremarkable event, seeing as he was unconscious at the time. For the people who loved him and the people who witnessed his death it was a terrible loss, one which only darkened an already bleak night.

Opening his eyes slowly, Paul quickly squinted as the light attacked his eyes. As his eyes got used to the light, he realised that it was not the light of the operating theatre, but was in fact the sun. Sitting up, he realised that he was sat in the middle of a forest of flowers, which made him think that he was high on some sort of drug. This misconception only lasted minutes, before he realised that his wounds were gone. Standing up shakily, he spotted a town and slowly made his way there.

Just inches from death, Habib Marwan was deciding whether his cause or his life should be spared. To him, the answer was never - could never - be in question and he would rather die than be captured by the Americans. Letting go of the concrete ledge, he couldn't help but laugh as he saw the shocked face of Jack Bauer as he hurtled towards the ground.

When Marwan awoke, there was no high rise parking lot in sight. All he could see as he laid on his back were tall flowers and a pure blue sky crowned by a glorious sun. Puzzled, he stood up, and the fanatic within him concluded that he had been rewarded by god for his actions and that he was in paradise. The religious man inside him was more sceptical. Islam's idea of paradise was vastly different from this place, no matter how peaceful and beautiful it was.
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