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By skycloud86

Summary: For the characters of 24, there is life after death.
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Nina mainly, plus almost every other major character at some point
Status: In Progress
Chapter Three: Can We Accept This?

After a few days of being in the Afterlife, Nina had grown used to the idea of this celestial immortality, and had started to spend hours sitting beneath a huge palm tree that sheltered her from the often blazing sun that warmed the Afterlife. Most of this time was spent thinking, and most of these thoughts were about nothing in particular, although Nina found it hard to resist not thinking about Jack. She knew that by the end, he had grown to hate her with a passion few could comprehend, but that didn't stop her thinking about how it had all been when they had had the affair. Drunken nights of wild sex had been followed by mellow mornings of sweet love, and although both knew that they were never going to have more than a quick fling between them, it felt so much more special than that.

As for Chappelle, he had begun to love the Afterlife, and to his surprise found it much easier to make friends than it had been in the Living World. Maybe it was because he wasn't a bureaucrat anymore, or maybe it was because everyone was dead and everyone knew that they were going to spend eternity with each other. He had had an emotional reunion with his parents, a couple he had always admired and looked up to. He remembered his first day as a federal agent - his parents had been so proud and they had made sure that he knew about it. Rising up the ranks was easy for Ryan and he had soon found himself high up in a new federal agency, the Counter Terrorist Unit. It had been set up after the first Word Trade Centre attacks in 1993, and Ryan knew that terrorists were getting closer and closer to a major attack on US soil. Thinking back not his first day at CTU, but to his last both as a federal agent and a living mortal, he knew that he couldn't blame anyone for his death but Stephen Saunders. He had heard from people who had died after him that his death was pretty much unnecessary in the end, but he had seen and heard enough in his life and career to know that in times of crisis, sometimes you had to make hard decisions in the heat of the moment, in order to prevent a disaster.

Gael had decided not to give up his religious faith, and he had begun to construct a small church. It was actually a very impressive structure for something made by one man who had never even put up a shelf, never mind build a church. It was about the same size as a garden shed, with a wooden cross above the door and a window on one of the side walls. Inside was a bench and a notepad on which Gael was trying to write down as much of the Bible as he could think of. Although the Afterlife did have books from the Living World, it didn't have any religious texts as the Afterlife was pretty much the final destination for all of humanity.

Cale, who had met his fate at the treacherous hands of Nina in that old Mexican church, noticed her sitting under the tree, and decided to join her. Nina looked surprised as he sat down.

"Did it work out?", Cale asked. He hadn't been told about Nina's last few hours, and he didn't know for sure whether he wanted Jack to have been telling the truth or not.

"No, it didn't. I didn't have a choice, Cale. We would have both been dead in that church if I hadn't gone along with Jack", Nina replied. Although the decision to kill Cale was not one she really regretted, she had liked, and trusted, Cale a lot more than she liked or trusted her other bodyguards. Maybe it was because Cale himself was like her - he had betrayed a close confidant himself, had had to live a lie for years working undercover. Course, he was nowhere near her level, but he hadn't needed to be. Cale accepted her answer, and moved on.

"That Bauer guy, he still alive?", Cale asked, as if it were as simple as that. Jack wasn't the kind of person you could get rid of easily, and it was even harder to kill him.

"Yeah, as far as I know. He knows how to survive, it's one of the many things we had in common", Nina replied. They had been each other's other half, the yin and yang, the lightness and the darkness. Nina knew that Jack would never face any other enemy who was so like him, and maybe that was a bad thing for Jack. She knew that her being alive had given him a reason to fight, a reason for what he did for CTU and his country, and now that she was gone, he would have to find more fuel for his fire.
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