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Afterlife - a 24 fanfiction

By skycloud86

Summary: For the characters of 24, there is life after death.
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Nina mainly, plus almost every other major character at some point
Status: In Progress
Chapter One: One Bloody Day

She didn't expect this at all. Then again, she didn't expect to wake up. As she sat up, Nina noticed that not only had the bullet wounds disappeared, but she wasn't even on the dusty floor of CTU anymore. She was floating in a sea of tulips, with the sun caressing her ivory skin and a sweet breeze flowing through her ebony hair. Unsure of what the hell was going on, Nina looked around, a look of pure confusion on her face. Standing up slowly, she stretched her arms and legs and noticed a cluster of buildings close by. Walking towards the buildings, which appeared to be houses, she heard a female voice calling her name. Looking around to see who it was, she was shocked to see that it was someone she had assumed she would never see again.

"Hello, Nina. I see your time finally ran out", said Teri to a shocked Nina. Nina looked at her with confusion, and gently touched Teri's arm, as if to prove she was more than an hallucination.

"I guess it did, Teri", Nina replied, trying not to show any emotion in her voice or face. She had no idea why a long dead woman and herself, who was almost certainly dead as well, were stood in a field having a conversation.

"Did he do it, Nina?", Teri asked, and Nina wondered which answer Teri wanted.

"He shot me, once in the shoulder and then three times when I was lying on the floor. That's the last thing I remember, but the bullet wounds are gone", Nina explained. Teri's reaction was to sigh sadly.

"Lovely. Nina, I never wanted him to kill you to avenge me, even in my last few minutes", Teri told her, her eyes welling up with tears. She had died violently and certainly didn't want or need Jack to kill Nina in revenge. Noticing Nina looking down at where the bullet wounds had once been, she explained their situation.

"We're dead, Nina, and now we live in what is known as the Afterlife", Teri spoke, to which Nina raised her head quickly. Although not religious, she had assumed that if there were an afterlife, that she would never be in the same place as Teri Bauer, or any of the many people she had slaughtered.

"We all come here? No matter what a person did in their life?", Nina asked, shocked at the fact.

"Yeah. Everyone who has ever lived and died is here. We're in Nueva Los Angeles, in the Nueva California region", Teri informed her.

As Nina's body was respectfully placed into a black body bag, Jack sighed quietly to himself. He took one last look at Nina's now grey face before the bag was zipped up, and tried to put Nina out of his mind, telling himself that he could obsess over her after the virus threat was over. Making sure he had wiped all emotion from his face, he walked back into CTU and returned, as determined as ever, to his job.

Nina and Teri had walked into the town, with Nina looking at the faces of everyone they passed. Knowing that these people were now dead, she wondered if she would find anyone else she knew in her life. That was answered when a small and angry young woman came up to her.

"Nina Myers! So you finally join us in the Afterlife, then?", Jamey Farrell asked, her voice full of anger towards the woman who had took way her life and tore her away from her son. Nina looked at Jamey and decided to be sympathetic in her reply.

"Hello, Jamey. If it's any consolation, it was because of you that I was caught. There was a camera in that room, and even though I deleted the footage, I didn't know of the digital backup", she explained, and was glad to see that it calmed Jamey down somewhat.

"I know why I did what I did, Nina, but why did you?", Jamey asked. Although she had died hours before Nina had been discovered as the mole, she had been given information from Teri as well as CTU agents who had died after her.

"I made some bad choices, some bad mistakes, Jamey. I don't think I could explain it much more than that", Nina told her. She had indeed made some bad choices and mistakes, but she also knew that a normal life was not what she wanted. She craved excitement, and killing people just happened to have been part of that.

The car lit up the early morning sky as it burst into flames, completely incinerating Amador and his driver. Saunders had managed to place a bomb into the briefcase of money he had given Amador, and the plan to get rid of the greedy worm had worked. As for Amador and his driver, the biggest shock was not when they first discovered the bomb, or when it went off, but when they woke up surrounded by flowers.

"What the bloody hell is this?!", Amador spoke in his English accent, catching the attention of Nina, who made a beeline for him.

"Amador! Nice to see you again", Nina shouted, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Amador looked nervous as she approached, and closed his eyes in fear and as soon as he opened them, Nina gave him one hell of a slap.

"Are we dead?', Amador asked, the question sounding strangely normal.

"Yes. Let's swap death stories, shall we? Jack killed me when I attempted to escape from CTU because you double crossed me. Now, who can I thank for killing you?", Nina spoke, one of her famous smirks growing on her face as she finished.

"Saunders, the man who was going to buy the virus from me", Amador explained. Nina snorted at the irony.

"So, the double crosser becomes the double crossee, Michael?", she replied, with no effort to hide her amusement.

Gael Ortega groaned in pain as the virus ripped the life right out of him. Praying silently in Spanish, he thanked God that his suffering was over and that he had been strong enough not to kill himself, being a devout Catholic and therefore a strong believer in the sanctity of life. As he closed his eyes for the last time, he thought of his wife.

As if he had just taken a nap inside the hotel, Gael Ortega woke up in the field just outside Nueva Los Angeles. He wondered if the place was Heaven, if he had been rewarded for his faith. Recognising Nina Myers, however, he began to doubt that.

"Hello, I'm Nina. Long story short, you're dead and this is the Afterlife", Nina told him. Gael stared at her for a few minutes in shock.

"I assume this is neither Heaven or Hell?', Gael spoke. He didn't know Nina personally, but he had heard of her and had been horrified at what she had done. Even so, he was angry at Jack for thinking he was God, thinking he had the right to take life for his own selfish reasons. Even so, he had not voiced his anger to Jack because he was not just a Catholic, but also a CTU agent and he knew that innocents needed his full attention.

"No. Who are you, by the way?", Nina asked. She had seen him at CTU, but had no idea of who he was.

"Gael Ortega. I'm, well, I was, a CTU agent. I was trying to deactivate this device that would have spread the virus through the air ventilation system of a hotel, but I was too late and I was one of the first to die", he replied. Nina looked at him and allowed herself to feel sorry for him

Ryan Chappelle looked down at the gravel with fear in his eyes. he was knelt down in the train yard, with Jack Bauer standing behind him. Saunders had ordered him to be killed and he was trying to be brave, trying to not let himself look weak or cowardly in his last few moments, although noone would have blamed him id he did. Offering to kill himself rather than place the burden on Jack, he placed the cold gun against the side of his head and tried to build up the courage, but to no avail. Handing back the gun, he closed his eyes and prayed for a quick death. The last words he heard were those of Jack pleading with God to forgive him for the sin of murdering a innocent.

Ryan Chappelle looked up at the cloudless blue sky with a mix of confusion and joy. He was still apparently alive, although the last thing he remembered was falling towards the gravel. Now, he was lying on his back in a field of flowers, with no bullet wound evident in his head. Someone staring at him caught his eyes, which widened as he recognized Nina Myers. Thanking her as she helped him up, Ryan looked around and Nina could guess what his first question would be.

"I'm sorry, Ryan, but you're dead. What happened?", Nina spoke, and both of them were shocked to hear the sincerity of Nina's words.

"Jack, he killed me. He had to, though, the terrorist who has the virus demanded my death because I was getting close to him", he explained. Noticing Amador, and then noticing that Nina had no bullet wounds and that Amador didn't have severe burns, he wondered what had happened.

"It seems that when we die, we all come here, to this place. This town we're in, it's called Nueva Los Angeles", Nina explained, pre-empting Ryan's question.

"I suppose Jack is off the hook for my murder?", Nina asked, a look of sadness as well as anger in her eyes. She couldn't care less about vengeance, but it angered her that Jack could get away with some much more than everyone else, that he didn't have to live up to the high moral standards he imposed on everyone else.

"Yes. I'm sorry, but there were no other witnesses, and Jack blocked the camera", Ryan informed her. Although he didn't really have any sympathy for the terrorist and mass murderer, he didn't believe that she deserved to be murdered.

Theresa Ortega was silently crying as she took Gael's possessions out of his desk. She had been told about his heroic actions inside the hotel, and this had comforted her greatly. Noticing the gun and a chance to take it without anyone seeing, she stood up and made her way down the stairs. Watching the man responsible for her husbands death, she looked at him with angry eyes, before pulling out the gun and shooting him twice in the chest. Dissolving into tears as she was apprehended, she screamed out that he was a murderer, that he had killed her husband and, as Stephen Saunders passed away, even though they had not identified the last courier, noone in the office blamed Theresa Ortega for her actions.

Glad to be out of his shackles, Saunders stretched his arms and closed his eyes as he did. When he opened them again, four people whose deaths he was ultimately responsible four were gazing down at him. He recognized Nina, the victim of Amador' greed and Bauer's angry vengeance. Ryan, a dedicated and very by the book government employee, whose death was supposed to slow down CTU's efforts to find Saunders but in reality had little effect. Amador, the greedy and vile arms dealer who Saunders had very little sympathy for. The fourth, he didn't know, but he knew that the man had died in severe pain because of his plot.

"Welcome to the Afterlife, Stephen", Amador stated.
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