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Originally Posted by anastasia.k

Yep, I've got 125 posts since last night. I'm going for 700.

My avie is from the O.C, it's Alex and Marissa. I had a Molly Ringwald avi, it was her sticking up her middle finger, butttt that one wasn't appropriate so it was removed
Wow! Your a regular PW now
OC comes here next week so I will get to 'meet' Alex soon Bummer bout the MR avie - censors are grr. I had a siggie from like AGES ago and when I cam back from my 2-3 yr break or whatever it was I got slammed for it - thats why I have the "Good to be politically correct" bit

Pika - whats up, why you be p'd off?

Its GREAT to be politically correct!
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