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Chapter 3 It's high time you laugh your ass off

Chapter 3: Leah and Jake sitting in a tree.

My heart was pounding for early this morning.
Damn you Jake for kiss me.
It's high time for romantic thoughts.

Leah was walking out of her door when Jake surpised her. He felt gulity from kissing Leah in her bedroom early this morning. They were heading to the Cullens to baby sit Nessie, even if Leah didn't want to this early in the morning. She had uneven sleeping patten since the kiss. "Hey I'm sorry about early this morning." He told her, "I didn't mean to kiss you." Leah took her time to look at him. "I wouldn't care if you kissed or ****ed me." She began to laugh at him, "Jake I do mean it. I'm in a better mood now." Jake leaned over to kiss her again. While they were kissing, Edward popped out of woods. "Go get a room Leah and Jake." Edward told the kissing couple. Jake broken from Leah's lips. "I wish I would of said that to you and Bella years ago." Jake walked and then slipped on a thin sheet of ice. He went down on his ass. Edward started to laugh. "I thought Bells was clumsy, Jake can be her in that con
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