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FYI, Gjoni and I went to pick up our tickets for the show. Since we had tickets for the 24th we asked to cancel them, because Lauren wasn't going to be on. Our request was immediately accepted and a refund was issued with no problem at all. We were also offered tickets for another day with the same discount (LUCKY).

The guy was very helpful, so we asked if he knew of any other upcoming dates that Lauren wouldn't be performing. Surprisingly to us he was very forthcoming and did tell us that there were unfortunately some dates in April that Lauren wouldn't be performing. The guy at the theatre office told us and even wrote the dates down for us: april 7th, 9th, 14th, 15th and 16th. Possibly the 8th also.

We hope no one has tickets for those dates or if so can get tickets for another date. Perhaps people should call the Nederlander theatre directly to check also and already get their refunds and new tickets.

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